Businessman seizes dead man’s home

The Dartmouth thing is funny,this is appalling. … 736231.ece

As I understand it this is a leasehold property. The deceased man owned the property and O’Gara ownes the lease and unless the lease has expired he has no more right to be in that house than I do.

and last time I checked Breaking and Entering was a criminal offence

I think it’s the other way around - he owns the fee simple and the deceased had a leasehold interest over the land. Still doesn’t entitle him to possession, as the leasehold will pass to his relatives on intestacy or, if there are no relatives, to the state.

Not in Ireland, there is an offence of criminal damage and also of burglary. However, when the gardai say something is a civil matter they are not denying that it is a criminal offence, they are merely stating that they think the situation can be better resolved through the civil rather than the criminal process.

To be honest, while I don’t approve of what he appears to have done, I don’t think it is any of the locals’ business what he does, it’s purely a matter between him and any relative of the deceased who wishes to claim the property and so the gardai are probably right not to get involved.

But if the State claims it?

true that the locals interest is marginal but they are witness to a crime whereby yer man has entered the house without permission. The guards have not regarded other squatting attempts as a ‘civil matter’ for long.

If you see what appears to be a break in you call the police.

After that its up to the authorities.

This sounds absolutely disgusting and vile. Has that man absolutely no sense of decency or shame at all? :angry: :imp:

The bould Noel is a member of this site. Maybe Noel could come on here and explain himself? I’m sure he will use his usual 1916 rhetoric and striking a blow against the professional classes etc. Noel is just another example of cute hoorism, which is tacitly supported and admired by many in this country.

Which is exactly the reason we’re in the shit we’re in today, aint that right Seany.


we could all pm him…

When the owner of the home asserts their rights through the proper chanels and squatters won’t leave, then the gardai might get involved. But they are not going to get involved merely because they’ve heard someone is squatting somewhere without a formal complaint from the homeowner and/or a court order to evict them.

There have been exceptions. Garden of Delights being one gorup who felt the power of the garda rather very quickly.

Just from googling, it seems that they weren’t too interested in the quiet enjoyment of the property in which they were squatting. Would like to know the full story, but I suspect the reason that it was closed (which is not stated on any website friendly to them) is that there may have been a large number of complaints from their neighbours and/or certain substances may have been regularly kept, used and/or sold in there. To say that it was shut because of a banner declaring the EU to be the Fourth Reich is a nice story of paranoid oppression, but to be honest, does anyone believe that the Irish gardai would take such umbrage at such an inane criticism of the EU?

Sooner of later this chancer is going to step on the wrong toes.
In Dartmouth Square he was up against a bunch of windbag toffs.

Not everywhere will be so benign to his carry on.
Wouldn’t it be shocking if the deadman’s relatives were a bunch of hardened criminal types.
Doubt Noel would be fending off too many “Dear Sir, my client strongly requests…”

O’ Gara aside, a lot of people in this town are getting away with crap that in most other countries I know of would be settled well away from courts.
I am not remotely advocating this but just acknowledging that usually when people get fcuked out of large amounts of money/wealth that is legitimately theirs, people start getting hurt and worse.

Grassy Noel?

No, see here: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=23708&p=279501&hilit=noel+o%27gara#p279501

Seems not a man with much time for trivialities such as the law then. … 05212.html

Oh My God! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
What a bloody fool. And to think he has the gall to suggest the government are thick.
If he has made any money through the boom it is in his own interest to accept that he made it through the luck of the fool. He needs to stop doing any type of business now before he looses everything.

He didn’t make his money during the boom. He made his money buying up leaseholds on properties for years.
My father warned me over twenty years ago that he made his money in very unpleasant ways.