Butterfield, Washington Grove, Butterfield Ave (-50k, 5.5%)

Was €925k

myhome.ie/residential/search … MFKQ319805

According to Lisney the properties are being relaunched on 28th March 2009 - €875k.

These properties have been on the market for close to 2 years. I do not know what price they started out at but due to current conditions and the fact that estate agents are quoting €400 per square foot (for properties at the top of the market), i think this so called relaunch is way off target.

According to the indo, the main house Lisheen went on the market for €2.8m.

independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 08929.html

These will never shift at these prices. I went to see these and they are on top of each other with no gardens. Personally I think the site was over developed.

When are some developers going to get real!!

Estate Agent advised that the new prices will be as follows:

Semi-D houses Washington Grove: Pre Relaunch from €925k - Relaunch from €875k

Tilia/Rowan 4 Bed Detached: Pre Relaunch €1.5m - Relaunch €1.35m

Lisheen: Pre Relaunch €2.2m - Relaunch €1.9m

There must be some bright spark advising on these relaunch prices…

Brian Cowan has summed up the scale of the country’s economic difficulties by saying our living standards today are based on revenue we had six years ago.

Should we not base property prices on this level then.

If so, what was a 4 bed semi-d in Rathfarnham 6 years ago?

It’s a funny little estate. Where do you park??

There is assigned parking at the end of the the development.

2 spaces per house.

Is the mapping of these properties correct on MyHome? Beside Charleville? I know this area very well and can’t say I can remember the piece of land these are built on if that map is correct. And Washington Lane is further up Butterfield Av. towards Templeogue Bridge, so the naming of these as Washington is odd too. Must have a look next time I’m up there.

The map is wrong on myhome.

This development is just past the Orchard Pub on the left hand side.
The prices seem a extremely steep considering the following house close by which is has a bigger square footage, driveway and garden sold for circa €600k+.

myhome.ie/residential/search … GIKX349569

Beside (or in?) Twink’s old place? That would make sense. I think they must have taken a bit from the garden of the house beside the Orchard too. Anway, that was a cheery wee corner of greenery, depressing it is concrete now.

Estate Agent advised that the developer would not consider an offer under €800k for these.

The estate agent advised that the developer had no intention to review prices and that they are a good house at a reasonable price.


I wonder if the developers/estate agent read the papers or watch the news these days?

Also the picture on myhome is for the detached property guiding €1.35m, not the semi detached houses that start at €875k.

The advert for the detached house is advertised as a 4 bedroom apartment for €1.35m.


The attention to detail by the EA is something else. If i was selling they would be first on my list to represent me XD

Fair play to them…

Price is way off target guys - that’s not the point, the idea is not to get any offers - right now:

I think this is a clear instance of setting a “heart price”.
The idea being one can soon thereafter lower to a more realistic price so people feel they are getting a bargain.

I would expect a significant shift to a more realistic price within 2 months.

€800k - Not a chance. Over €500 per square foot for Rathfarnham.
Rathfarnham is not in the €500 per square foot bracket. Maybe €350/€400 per sq ft max.

Prof Moriarty, i think you are right there, or else developers are hoping for a miracle.

For €800k you would at least be looking for a driveway, if not a detached house.

Maybe the detached house in the picture might get €800k, but not the semi-d.

EA link to lifeatbutterfield.ie/ is broken, well done.

4 bed semi for 875000 new, no BER ? ] , 1523 sq ft = €574/sq ft, what am I missing ?

“Designated off street car parking” usually means there’s a service charge, but none mentioned.

…all sold within a week of prices being dropped. …top notch houses for a good price in a good area…

What the F are you on about, link please?

Link…myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/161952

Confusing ad on myhome. How many houses were there?

2 detached and 6 semi-detached…all sold in 1 week.

detached went for 725k (down from 1.9m)…other detached went for 975k(i think)…down from 2.1m)
semi’s–dropped from 1.2 to 599k…some slightly bigger at 635k.

…and yet the ad still says POA?