Butterfly Protocol - Advisory on ad hominem forum policy.

thepropertypin.com would like to remind users that if they feel it’s acceptable to Ad-hominem each other. It most certainly is not. Never was and never will be.

The price of admission is civility.

thepropertypin.com moves to expedite the application of forum moderation, thus raising the actionable penalty so any and all resolution of moderation duties is carried out in the most efficient manner but regrettably with the most crude of means presently available to the Moderators and Admin.

Ad Hominem posts will now incur an irreversible username ban without warning. Ref: Butterfly Protocol

Therefore, any style of posting and interaction that falls into the classification of Ad-Hominem will incur an immediate and permanent username ban. Applying unequivocally to both the causes and effects if deemed necessary.

If, you find yourself at the receiving end of a username ban, it should generally not happen without notice (excepting circumstances exceptional) but there was or will be an explicit guarantee of notice in any instance.

If, a user receives notice of moderation.

The user will only ever receive one warning via Private Message; attached with it, a request to retract the offending comments, inclusive of an apologetic note with recognition in place of the offending postings.

In other words, a last chance to self moderate in an open manner is all you will get.

**Beyond this any username ban will be automatic in application. **

This may occur only once per username, though as indicated it may actually never occur in exceptional moments.

If you fail to comply with the above policy within a reasonable amount of time the username account will be permanently banned. This will not be reversed. Please note, you will also lose access to your historical Private Messages. Username Karma applies: In the event of a username ban. You may continue to contribute as a posting member to the forum by registering with a new username pending approval of your first post.

Please also note, since this is really important for all users to understand and be totally clear on and it is worth repeating. This restatement of policy now includes all Ad-hominem posting even in response to an opening Ad-hominem (cause & effect).

If you are the recipient of a of Ad-hominem please report the post instead of diving in kicking and screaming perhaps engage the argument and rebut it in a rational and humourful way if you can summon the mood to take you to the right place.

If not, you can simply revert to the report post function. The report button is at the bottom right of any post.

Reports may not be dealt with immediately but they will be looked at in time by a member of the content team.

There will however be no guarantee of follow up or feedback on reports.

Do not PM admin or moderators in relation to any reports you have made, instead leave a meaningful comment when posting a report in the comment box and if a member of the content teams needs to clarify any information they may contact you via private message.

Warning: Do not use the report button excessively, as it may instigate a temporary or permanent username ban.

As always, please freely exchange your views and ideas on the topics at hand or the ones of your own creation without resorting to personalised attacks.

Finally, something that is worth repeating is that it is important to keep in mind that all contributions on the forum are freely given and received in the spirit of open exchange and freedom of expression most gratefully received but so too is moderation. The very back bone of thepropertypin.com capacity to keep the content on topic and in play requires this invaluable and entirely voluntary service.

This requires so much focused energy from often more than one member of the content tema and is invariably a far more time consuming operation than posting or reading content which is a clearly the more preferable pursuit, since moderating is the most thankless job in cyberspace.

Kindness is a virtue and the kindness of strangers is virtue in motion.

So why scream at butterflies?