Buy a new house win €100k!


I wonder which of these novel new selling devices will be the first to end in scandal?

What if they don’t sell 15 houses? Does the draw not then take place? I would like to see the terms and conditions. :unamused:

Well if the draw doesnt take place then thats a breach of the last Consumer Protection Bill.

Is this one of these “great fundamentals” that I keep hearing about?

Just shocking.

Not to mention the fact that the developer would need to register with the gardai as he is essentially running a lottery. I wonder how independent the lottery will be?

Wow. Stunned. Seems like it’s going to grab a lot of headlines which is prob what the developer wants.
What if the developer holds onto a couple of the properties (as often happens), sells them at a discount to a family member.
Are these part of the draw? Good point on having to register it with the gardai.
Why don’t they just drop the bloody prices, deck chairs and titanic spring to mind in no particular order. I certainly wouldn’t be enticed by this kind of messing - unless i won :laughing:
Aren’t raffles mainly associated with tins of USA assorted biscuits, not buying a property anyways.

Your obviously too young to remember the time JP McManus got into all kinds of crap trying to raffle a house. :slight_smile:

Well the plot thickens on this one…

Seems that the developer upped his price by 5k per unit to offset the cost of this lottery.

Units were 335k
Then the price was increased to 340K
Net cost to developer €1666 per unit :unamused:

looks like the site next door for sale :blush:

The houses are still for sale. will they make their deadline??Will they sell all 15?? the draw was to be held Christmas Week.

I can’t wait to find out who won the 100K :laughing:

No apparent update at the EA’s site. Note it says to be eligible one has to book and sign contract by 30 November.

So presumably there is no reason under the stated terms why the draw should not have taken place. If I had bought one I would be insisting it take place and also request proof that only eligible buyers (i.e. after the offer was made and signed prior to November 30) were entered in the draw.

See page four of this Fridays (14-12-07) Clare People property supplement. "Only 15 houses remaining"has been crossed out and
"7 sold"splashed across the ad.

So after nearly two months and a massive advert campaign, and the fitting out of a showhouse. They have found 7 gamblers.

I can’t wait to see who wins this competition…

Its a full pg ad, I will try to scan in the page at work on monday.

Are they still advertising the draw as being open?


full text: show house open this saturday2-4pm private viewing by appointment.

E100,000 cash back on your new home

buying a new home, do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime

on signing a contract your name will be entered into a draw. the lucky winner will receive E100,000 cash back. the runner up will receive E20000 cash back remaining participants will receive a weekend away.

there are only 15 homes so only 15 entrants

only 15 (crossed out) 7 sold houses remaining

gort leamhan
co clare

era leyden
tel 065 6828286
drumquin construction
terms and conditions apply

Are you allowed have a competition where someone has to buy something to enter? You know how mars bar competitions have “No purchase necessary” on them and you can ring up and someone will open a bar on your behalf or something like that? Is there some odd law about this?

You have to buy a lottery ticket…

Thats only on a mars bar so they cannot reneige on the contract by you not being able to come up with a receipt for the mars bar

I thought it was to avoid breaking the law by running an illegal lottery.

I would love to see a copy of the terms and conditions.

Was that not Barney Curley (professional gambler) or am I thinking of a different incident ?

You guys are missing out on the real draw:

"To celebrate the completion of the development of 88 units, including an on-site creche, the developers are giving 1 of the 12 lucky homeowners the opportunity to own 1 of these fabulous apartments for absolutley NOTHING!!!

To qualify all you have to do is purchase 1 of these 12 apartments and complete the contract before the 18th January 2008. A draw will take place live on air on Ocean FM on Friday January 25th, 2008 in the presence of a peace commissioner, where 1 of the lucky 12 will receive a cheque back for € 175,000!!!"

That’s an awfully long way of saying “no one wants to live here”.

Mea Culpa, Barney Curley it was !