"Buy me! I'm a stunner!!!"


In fairness, grand (over priced) gaff and all that but the advert is very funny…

“MI MORORWAY” Sounds like he was drunk when saying that in his head.

Amusing advert indeed…

It may be “heavily reduced” but it is still heavily overpriced!


Wilson Moore and etc,

I dont even bother reading their ads anymore,let alone contemplate a viewing,poor spelling,hysterical manic CAPS ON sales pitch and the caveat that this price is not open to offers…


I’ve read two ads in the last week, one was “just a few gear changes away from…” the other was " just a 3 wood from Douglas golf course".
Maybe the EAs went to a motivational writing course. ( that would be a course for motivational writing as opposed to a motivational course for writing - this is the Pin after all)

irishpropertywatch.com/sales … Region=any

Jaysus it’s been on since March '08

No one seems to have been stunned so far! The EA better get a taser.

Hadn’t trawled DAFT for a good while there… Got some good laughs…

Like an exterior shot of a house clearly taken during the big freeze…


You’d think you might update that with the ubiquitous summer shot… But these folks are obviously a little bit more cavalier than your average when it comes to selling…

“Put those jumpers away!”

“No! We want the lived in look!”


This is the worst ad I’ve ever seen on Daft.



the other photos are just as bad.


Or maybe the EAs just went on a driving course…but teeing off with a 3 wood, that’s not golf, is it??


I’ll second that, daft photos really don’t get much worse, it is a special listing and
proves the vendor and EA couldn’t give a fook.

** See Buffalo Soldier’s pics above **

That house comes with it’s own live in Mama - and we all know Mamas are great to have around (sometimes!) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In fairness, he didn’t have much to work with…


Is that wallpaper, a faux tile on the other wall and a laminate floor? Laminate in the bathroom? :open_mouth:

I have to say Im absolutely mad about the 1970s splashback over the salubrious sink and the wardrobe to the left of the bath. “Its its its …probably best described as just about as good as the advertising”. :angry:

What’s in the sink? :sick:

please let it be toothpaste.


:laughing: :smiling_imp:

sounds a bit sophistimicated for de likes of me…

For that amt of ducats I demand my sophistication overstatedoverstated I tells ya!! :smiley:

The EA is not lying or exaggerating,
he is puffing… :angry:
legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Puffing :nin