"Buy me! I'm a stunner!!!"


  • Features:
    ** * Ideal trade up first time purchase** (Whatever that means)
    Spectacular large three bed property fit for a king.
    Stop and look no further than this large 3 bed residence in showhouse condition ready to walk into and hang up your hat.
    No stone was left unturned in maintaining this property from top to bottom by its current house proud owners.
    The rear garden gives a relaxing ambiance the moment you enter it.
    This property is a real gem and awaits its lucky new owners.*

I think it might be the lime from a dripping tap. Seems to be only from the tap on the far side.

I’m actually impressed at the total lack of preparation into making it look half decent.

It’s almost as if the owners said to themselves “Let’s not bother with any of the cleaning up malarky, the house will sell by itself”…

  • Jaysus - On picture number 8 on that, it looks like very like there is a (used?) condom in the sink!!!

my god you’d think that they’d bin that for the website pictures…

They can’t spell “waffle” either:


At the height of the boom, about 06, a friend of mine viewed a house in a very nouveau riche sort of estate. He looked at the hse and said to the EA ‘For a house of this size to be on such a small plot doesn’t seem right. No tap in the front garden either so how can you wash the car? You could hardly get the rubbish bins out thru the side entrance.’ The EA replied ‘Well I don’t think your caliber of person is really what we are looking for to purchase here. I mean you would hardly expect the people living in these sort of exclusive developments to be washing their own car, would you?’

Maybe that was then, this is now…

I’m sorry I read this shite.

I notice one of the photos has a pic of an Audi TT outside.
Why is it the EA always has the nicest car in the fuckin estate? ( earn to much maybe )

Second hand TTs are dirt cheap. Typical estate agent car alright.