Buy now or wait for Brexit to kick in

First post on here.

Looking for any advice on buying a house.
We got some money from a redundancy scheme at my wife’s workplace so are in a place at the moment to be able to buy. We’re in a small terraced house at the moment and have a few kids so want somewhere a bit bigger
I was wondering should we hold off until maybe next summer to see what happens the market after Brexit or just get started now on the mortgagae application atc…
Neither of us works in finance or would follow politics too much so unaware of what effect Brexit will have on the property market.


Surely question you should be asking is why wouldn’t you wait to see what happens post Brexit.

yes, that’s my question

Predicting the future is hard to do. All I will say is that Dublin houses can’t get much dearer than they are now, assuming lending constraints stay put, can they? However they have the potential for a nice sized drop if Brexit turns out badly for this country.