Buy or Renat and where??? Please help

Hey guys

I kow this has been discussed several ways before, but I require some advice.

I am curently living and renting in Dundalk, I am renting a 2 bed apartment. My problme is my rent for the aat is a bit high, an I can’t find any nice plce that is cheaper. I don’t like Dundalk very much and I would prefer to live in Dublin as that is where I do most of my socialising at the weekend, in fact I never stay in Dundalk at the weekends. If I go to Dublins at the weekend I have to try and get a hotel, a cheap one does me. (kinda getting fed up of that now)

My question is do I keeping renting here, or do I buy or rent in Dublin?

Thanks in advance for your advice and your opinions :angry:


Do you work in Dundalk? If so, I can see the dilemma, but if not, why on earth haven’t you moved already?

The trains are OK, I believe, so it might well be worth your while in terms of sanity to move to the smoke and commute up to work.

Yes i work in Dundalk, meant to sa that in the original post…

What does tug mean??

He will be along soon. :wink:

My 2c.
Dublin-Dundalk isn’t the worst commute in the world.
You have the M1 and the train link.
Dublin rent and the cost of commute will be expensive though. Is it worth it?

Certainly rent first to try out the commute. You probably shouldn’t be considering buying at all at the moment unless you stumble upon some exceptional value and you’ll be working near Dublin for the foreseeable future.

I know the commute wouldn’t be too bad time wise, but money wise the rent is slightly dear in Dublin and the cost of the commute, but it would eliminste the need for hotels…

Dundalk is a hole, or is it the people thats in it, i am not quite sure…

I think they money is more or less balancing itself out here, and if you hate the place, that’s an added incentive to leg it. How much rent are you paying now?

You could move halfway down, to Balbriggan or similar, thus halving the commute and still being within Saturday night distance of the city centre, maybe. If you have a car, Swords would do you nicely and surely to God Swords can’t be expensive to rent in, it’s enormous.

It depends on whether you can afford it in my view. If you consider rent in Dundalk to be a bit high, I am not convinced you will do any better in Dublin.

If money is not an issue, then there are lifestyle questions to be answered. I personally took a decision to live within 15 minutes of work so as to cut down on transport issues but then I work in Dublin. It’s up to you whether you want to pay out that time all the time.

If, however, money is an issue with rent in Dundalk, I can’t see it being too much or at all better in Dublin.

I’m seeing liveable two bed houes and apartments for €500-600 in Dundalk. Why not rent one of them and a room in Dublin?

I am currently paying €600 a month for a 2 bed apartment, it is a nice apartment I just do not like the town, there is nothing to do…

as for swords, i have thought about it , but it is neiither on place or the other, no mans land… i dont think i would be any better off…

if i rent here and rent a room in dublin that is kinda the same as a hotel every weekend… ah I don’t know…


I did the Dublin to Dundalk commute for about 3 years, before the Montorway and Drogheda bypass were completed. It was no bother, hey !!

Think of your sanity man !! You will be calling it Dundaaaalk next !! And “home” after that…

Go Dublin, early and often

Lol… I hear ya bud, Thats one of my biggest fears is getting a Dundaaaaalk acccent, damn I have it already, :sick: