buy or rent - 27 Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6



3% yield
500/sq ft

That’s a bizarre looking extension on the back in picture 7.

There was an article in the Sunday Times about these (there are two, one sold or maybe the architect kept it?) when they were first finished - the extension has some kind of eco powers or something. There’s a few weird extensions around there actually.

Castlewood Avenue is traffic hell mornings and evenings - not as bad as it was a few years ago but still hell.

It is actually a lovely extension. It adds great light to the house. The first floor bathroom is nice and there is a second floor nook. Unfortunately, the quoted sale price of 1.5 million and the stated unwillingness of the agent to do any deal means it will languish for some time.

Just one more case of a house bought for too much money and renovated at too great an expense so the vendor cannot take the pain of the real price.

The road is very noisy. The new windows are not double-glazed, remarkably. The best feature of the house is the garden level kitchen/family room with two patios. The garden is very small, north-facing and seriously overlooked on all sides making it very dark.

The bedrooms are very small. These houses are just not very deep so the rooms are small.

Number 8 Grosvenor Square - just up the road, on the square - a much bigger house with a larger back garden sold for about 1.1 million recently. It needed completion but was much better value.

You can search here for the details - … ia.display.

Don’t recall seeing a for sale that side of the square for some time, is it the corner one they built three mews houses in? IIRC they wanted an enormous amount of money for those, but I have the feeling they’re rented now.

Sorry - Belgrave Square - discussed here - viewtopic.php?f=10&t=35761&p=486144&hilit=belgrave#p486144

Speak of the devil - they’re back

It would be helpful if I could recall the original prices, but I just remember them as being horrifying.

(Appreciate this is OT but the coincidence was hard to ignore)

As opposed to just OTT now? Nearly 400 K for under 80m²? I don’t think so

Oh certainly not. But I have a vague recollection that they were region double that, but I couldn’t swear to it. They were on with Sherry Fitz pre-and post-completion.

Note that there is no privacy in the bedrooms - I’ve been wondering why the people in the middle one didn’t at least make half an effort to make their bed for the past few months. So nearly 400k to have people commenting on your slovenliness as well!

Cold climate + wall-to-wall tile flooring = Massive, humongous fail

Pure Ceic T*r groupthink. It’s the height of sophistication, don’t you know! No it’s not. It is fucking idiotic.

Not to harp on about these… I thought I must have been wrong about the price I recalled

"In 2008, each of these D6 houses was for sale for more than €1m. Now you could buy all three for just a bit more than that, writes BERNICE HARRISON " … 28971.html

I love the IT article referencing a price that no one ever paid. Why compare todays asking price to an essentially made up price three years ago?

Now €1.295m (-€205k, -13.7% ) … -6/1271520

Period Terraced 4 Bed
€4625 per sq m (1295000/280)
€430 per sq ft (1295000/3010)

IIRC this was one of a pair - almost identical - refurbed at the same time … to the same spec - they were asking €3.25m back in 2008.

See here:
viewtopic.php?f=23&t=11122 … 46748.html

It think its a periscope so you can see out your kitchen and over the back wall.

Sale agreed

Now 1.1m … -6/2078117

Sold for 990k … enDocument