Buyers Broker - Carol Tallon

Has anyone used Buyers Broker - Carol Tallon? Or know anyone who has?

Yes i have …very disappointed with the service - I would not recommend

have used this service, a waste of time and money


Thanks all. Interesting.

She’s a really nice person. I paid a retainer but yielded nothing as a result of asking them to negotiate on several properties that I sourced myself (as they themselves couldn’t source anything suitable), so I was very disappointed to say the least. They didn’t return my phone calls either so unfortunately I’ve put it down to (short-changed) experience . Apparently they charge 5k as well if they secure a property! Walk the Walk as well as Talking the Talk is my motto 8DD 8DD .

Same here …took my retainer fee did not fulfil the terms of the agreement and never heard from her again …ignored me completely, I was appalled

I thought that “The Property Bubble Mark I” taught us that pseudo-experts who appear on TV a lot engaged in self-promotion WEREN’T to be trusted.

For shame the pin, for shame.

is this a wind-up ?

What sort of retainer would someone like this get for re-branding my new-property alerts?

It’s not her fault…

Can’t say I disagree either.

I would have thought this type of service was more suited to someone seeking a more expensive home (i.e. in a less liquid sector of the market) especially a buyer unfamiliar with Ireland/an expat … not sure what value she could add for others

Someone cashing in on re-runs of Location Location Location?

Seriously, that show would have you believe that property experts will find stuff that’s not on the market, and secure you a sale below the asking before it ever gets advertised.

Then you sit in the pub and clink glasses at securing a deal.

Unfortunately its not a wind up …your point is valid but as alluded to in other posts it promises to be more than that (source and negotiate saving time and money …off market, below market value blah blah …see the website) but the reality is far different and sadly it would appear people have been burned not just paying for poor sevice …but being so blatantly ignored puts you in total limbo.

I believe in the theory of a buyer’s agent. It would be especially useful if you’re moving to an area that you’re not overly familiar with; someone who could give you a steer on neighbourhoods, streets etc would be very useful. The further away, the more useful it would be. In addition, I’d pay to have someone go to lots of viewing and screen out the dross for me, not to mention suss out the agent in terms of offers already on etc.

In the US both parties use an agent. The buyer’s agent will make appointments for you, drive you around to see stuff, generally advise you etc. The agents split the commission (which of course it not ideal).

Had the exact same experience.

I got an email from said company after I posted, basically dissing what I said.

I used a broker when buying in Holland, it’s fairly normal there though not everyone does it. It saved me a lot of money at the time because I ended up getting the property for less than would have paid for it if I’d negotiated myself. She also came along to loads of viewings with us and gave opinions on each one, so she really earned her money.

There was one place we looked at earlier in our search where the vendor (a lady who was downsizing) wanted to attach some weird clause to the contract allowing her first refusal on the right to buy the place back, at a price agreed to be ‘market value’ AND if she passed that opportunity up that the clause would remain in the contract for the subsequent owner to honour as well. Needless to say we were walking away from it, though we loved the place. In the midst of all this, a financial advisor we’d been getting mortgage advice from rang our EA to try and cook up a scheme that would convince us that it was quite normal to have this sort of thing in Holland, so the deal would be concluded and they would each earn their commission. Our EA promptly told us about it and we dropped the mortgage guy like a hot brick.

tl;dr - a buyer’s broker can be a great advantage if you get one who is professional and honest. I know of one EA in Dublin that does a bit of it for clients, and it’s someone I would trust. The vast majority of them I wouldn’t trust as far as I could spit a rat.

G’wan, tell us who…

An email from Buyers Broker dissing your comments here? …well boo hoo to the company , several people on here with the same bad experience and complaint …can you share what the gist of it was?

This thread is a pretty damning indictment of the “service” supposedly provided.