Buyers queue for ghost estate sale as homes go for half pric … 63301.html

A frenzy I tell ya!

Look at the throngs of poor dears, with their sleeping bags and their flask of tea, that crazed look of fear in their eyes and rabid laddermania in their blood!


hmm… property ramping written by an estate agent and paraphrased by a “journalist”, trying to make it look like the property frenzy has started again, but, with only 6 deposits taken and a handful of tire kickers, and not much in the way of sales this is still a bust.

In relation to new developments What methodology was used in calculating the empties.

The article states that there are 28 Semi’s, while Daft is showing 13

The empties survey found that there was no ghost estates in Limerick City, but there are in Raheen, Castletroy, Corbally and on the;
Ennis Road,
Dock Road,
South Circular Road

Now the first 3 are outside the City Borders, but not the next 3

Are we underestimating the number of empties?

Frenzy my hole :frowning:

13 were released officially and 22 are actually for sale. They took deposits on 6 or the 13/22 for sale which same deposits are 100% refundable if mortgage disbursal is not forthcoming.

A Frenzy would have involved selling the lot and having a healthy standby list of rabid laddermaniacs signed up to boot!

Meanwhile another EA is trying to let a previously sold house, can anybody tell me what is odd about that picture ?? :smiley:

Why would anyone want a semi detached in Sligo?

For feck’s sake, the place is falling over with space…

Not even in Sligo, it is about 3 miles from Leitrim and 8 miles from Bundoran.

Brings a whole new meaning to “walk the plank”.
You can have the house sir,just don’t expect to get into the fucker. :open_mouth:

I like the angle of the blinds in the upstairs rooms, and with that finish on the footpath, I bring my mountain boots.

Ah Vandeleur Mews,a personal favourite of mine.
425k asking at first i seem to remember.
Ennis road or no Ennis road that’s mental for an apartment like these.
I pass these daily and very few look sold
Block always seems to be in darkness bar the odd light.
God only knows how much that site was bought for back in the day.

Is it my hungover eyesight or does the “driveway” remind anyone of the time of the rubbish incident in Springfield.
I’d love to have a house on a hill (of sorts).

I thought exactly the same BoyRacer.
6 people left deposits - some queue, some frenzy, eh Maeve? :angry:

Maeve Sheehan tells us that six people decided to put their money where their mouth is. Six out of a population about 61,000 (60,863 according to 2006 census, for Sligo). …pretttty small percentage of the Sligo population joing in that FRENZY, eh Maeve?
Maeve Sheehan - investigative journalist extraordinaire! :unamused:

Makes me wonder whether Maeve’s guilty only of silly tabloid sensationalism…or something more sinister (VI influenced/dropped a few quid)?

She needed some quick quota filling copy before going to the pub from the look of it :frowning:

“only 12 minutes from Sligo City.” :neutral_face:

Yuck! all those razor sharp lines + all that tarmac, bringin the city straight to to the countryside’s doorstep. Many EAs try to describe a property as charming - let them just try it on the above :confused:

I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I can’t believe 6 people thought that these houses were worth 125k. Considering where they’re located and what your gettin for your money . 125k seems expensive to me. That said I know nothing of sligo and it’s surrounding areas.

Cliffony is nice. Vey close to Mullaghmore. Sligo is an absolutely hidden gem in Ireland.

If I had 100K sitting around somewhere I would make an offer. I think it would be reasonsble value at that. Sligo town is only 20 minutes away even in “Rush” hour. If I ever go back to the “Ould Sod” Sligo would be at the top of my list of places to live.


I can believe it alright. I’m surrounded by people at work who are amazed at what is now just about/almost available to them, following the craziness of the bubble which put a lot of property out of the reach of many. Many folk I’ve spoken to still don’t get the bigger picture…instead they believe the soundbites from VIs, think to themselves “it can’t go any lower” and that they’d better jump on the ladder…cos they “missed their chance last time around” XX .

In their view, now’s their time to get on the ladder before prices go up again. A lot of people haven’t know anything other than crazy house prices.

Wasn’t it raining yesterday? or was it really that sunny in Sligo?

Is it the left-hand-in-arse-pocket mania thats hitting Sligo?