buyers' website name change -

I’m sure you remember me posting about the property buyers’ website in June.

Well as someone rightly said the site had to be shut down immediately and re-branded. I was a little naive on that part. There were also some ease-of-use issues that had to be sorted out. These issues have now been remedied and it is very easy for anyone to post a listing, even a 5 year old should be able to do it :wink:

Also, the property listings themselves have changed so that they will be easily picked up by the search engines.

A big thanks to those twenty or so people who tried out the beta version initially in June. A lot was learned from that experience in more ways than one. Your old listing data has been erased as the ease-of-use issues were remedied, although the layout of the site remains the same.

And lastly, after speaking to a couple of estate agents (and one or two posters :wink:), contacting buyers is now a free service. Whether this will remain in the far future is unsure.

Have a look at and please give it a try again. I’ll look to build on this site and hopefully it will speed up the property trade to a certain degree.

Thanks everyone at thepropertypin.

What’s with the stock picture of the guy holding money? It reminds me of the “Make $$$$ Remortgage Your Home Now!!!” emails I used to get.

5 year olds, eh?
Shouldn’t there be a section for wendy houses then??
Or have the Tiger’s children not been told about bubble burst Ireland yet??
I know, why not kill two birds with the one stone this Christmas: sit your kids down and give em the Santa talk.
Tell em Santa was a lie.
And so was the Celtic Tiger.

Someone find me a 5 year old!


I agree completely.

It’s getting that darn ball rolling. I’ve been brainstorming (but not with 5 year olds, :laughing: ). I have a few ideas but would also appreciate any input people wish to give.

It’ll be a real slow grind especially as it is the run up to Christmas. If and when critical mass occurs, I reckon it could happen around Jan/Feb, but who knows. It could happen in 12 months or 24 months for all I know. It’s a steep learning curve.

I’ll be approaching estate agents and new home builders on the ground and by email. I can register the site with google for specific keywords. I’ll have a go at PR (physical media) in the real world too. I’ve put a few posts on blogs today (wont count for much I think), but this is the only forum I’ve linked the site. Any ideas yourself Barney?

Yeah, that stock photo was chosen, because I wanted something different than the usual house one. Maybe something to represent buyers, but to be honest I very nearly changed it. I might still do so. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas besides a house and the fella with cash?

Just thinking about that stock photo. Maybe I can choose a random listing photo when I have one be.

One suggestion for you: I just registered as a buyer and I am looking for a house with 4 bedrooms or more. I think the drop down list for the number of bedrooms should be 4+ and not just four. I mean if a house has 5 bedrooms, I won’t be that dissapointed :wink:

were floggin houses now?

Nice site. Good luck with it.


Good point. I’ll look into it.

Here come the changes :mrgreen:

I’ll have to leave this change till later as it will be quite a major one in terms of messing things up regarding matching the same criteria between buyers and sellers. Not impossible, just messy; even though the change seems small.

Thanks for the heads up.

I also have an issue with “price on application” properties. I can’t accept them at the moment. If and when I do, I’m not sure whether to allow these properties to match up to all buyers’ listings or none at all.

What do you think?

Why are a few houses price on application anyway? They don’t want the neighbours to know or what? I’ll have to ask an estate agent.

Price on Application is a tactic used when the seller is open to negotiation, but not sure how to pitch the price.
Don’t want to scare people off by setting it too high, don’t want to undersell it or lower the floor under similar properties by pitching it too low.

So the tactic is to get anyone interested to call and discuss it.

As a househunter, I would like to see all houses that have Price On Application included in whatever price bracket I’m looking at.

I’m the opposite to bookworm - POA just annoys me. That said, it’s often because the price I would get on application is going to be well outside my range. So on searches, I put in a minimum over 0 to exclude them

Understood Bookworm.

In that case, including the POA properties to match up with buyers’ offers would be the correct way to go about it.

laineyg, maybe adding a check box option to include POA properties or not when matching a buyer’s listing to a property would be the way to go. In the search option you already solve the issue yourself by putting in a minimum price.

That would solve the issue I think.

This will take a few weeks to implement as everything needs to be thoroughly tested first. There are always problems, but it gets done eventually.

Thanks for helping out.