Buyers who paid $300k get angry as Houses now go for $145k

Found this via Reddit about a development in Fort Myers, Florida: … eo=YHI&t=a

comments here:

The reaction of these people is priceless. This will be Ireland in a year or so.
Joe Duffy will be a busy man.

I like this comment

Not nice.
I wonder how many people in Ireland will feel the same in a years time.

What I can’t understand is why they didn’t offer them to savvy Irish investors, they could have got twice the price.

And this is a price reduction in a country with nearly 400 million people and a FX philosophy of the $ is king and to hell with the rest of the world economy , thereby ignoring interest rates and exchange rates.

But with us in Ireland with a massive 4 million inhabitants and having a small open economy with no natural resources are somehow going to weather the storm and stave off property crashes and a recession :unamused:

Those who have money will dicatate the price , not developers , VI’s , gov , media , or wishful thinkers. Those that are in debt are trapped and with every increase in interest rates and inflation , are being dragged to the edge of dispair. A very nasty position to be in :frowning: