Buying Agents


Hi guys,

I live in the UK and I have been looking for a particular type of property in Dublin as a second home/semi-retirement property. I did bid on a new development in Clontarf but got scared off in late August as a no-deal Brexit became a real possibility. I have just noticed on the property price register that the property next door to the one I bid on was sold for 14% less than the price I was going to pay. I have also checked a couple of other new developments in other areas of interest to me and have seen a couple of other cases where the transaction prices were considerably lower than the advertised asking prices.

So I know realise that I do not understand the Dublin property market as well as I thought I did, particularly when it comes to haggling over prices in new developments. This is in part because I am looking online and making occasional visits to Dublin. I have one friend who is an estate agent but would prefer not to seek their advice.

So, should I consider engaging a buying agent? Does anyone have any experience of using these people in Dublin? Are they more likely to achieve a better price on behalf of the buyer in part because they are networked into the property market and know if a particular developer is keen to shift properties because they need the cash? Will they sort out the dross and save me time travelling back and forth?

Of course if you can recommend one I would appreciate it (though I guess you’d need to PM me).

Thanks in advance!


There was a thread in the past about buying agents. My recollection was the consensus was to avoid them at all costs, they do nothing you can’t do for yourself. Yes they could view it for you, but it’s not the same as viewing it yourself by any means.


Prices quoted for new developments on the property price register exclude VAT at 13.5%

This will probably explain the price difference


That’s very helpful thank you Luan.