Buying Apartment (Dublin)


What are the main issues I should be aware of when buying an apartment as an owner occupier?

Thank You.


you solicitor should be checking but

  1. the management co - solvent? owners paying? (never 100% but should be good) ? Sinking fund

  2. build quality

see if it’s full of renters (curtains usually shite) / AirBnB etc


^all the above
Is the managing agent paid attention to ? Is there washing on balconies and satellite dishes.

Are there owner occupiers on the board of the management company ? If you do a company search the home addresses of directors is given


Appreciate the pointers.


What’s the issue with washing on balconies?


Many house rules prohibit it. If the house rules are not enforced on this they won’t be enforced on noise, cleanliness etc.