Buying apartment in an period house?

Looking for an apartment in the centre of town for around a hundred grand. I’m fed up renting. Just saw this … lin/100968
but i’m unsure about buying an apartment in a period house and if i’m better off looking at more modern apartments?

Any thoughts…

Are you sure that’s an period house? IIRC at least one side of Mountjoy square is fake. Another thing to consider is that all 4 sides of Mountjoy Square are on Mountjoy Square.

48m²? Feck that.

This line says it all…

"the apartment has 15ft high ceilings giving** a sense of space** "

Maybe they should advertise the volume of the apartment?

I’d be concerned about the maintenance / sinking fund especially in MJ Square; a lot of very poor quality buildings with numbers of immigrants packed in. There was a fire in one building in the square not so long ago and it was chaos.

A lot of LLs don’t seem to care very much

It’s a lovely roomy space if the building falls down on its side.

seems this was the building that had the fire

I can guarantee you the sound insulation will be completely crap. I used to live a lovely high ceilinged flat in a period building a couple of years ago but I was totally at the mercy of the neighbours above, below and to the sides - God help you if students move into the building. Nowadays most stereo systems have some kind of subwoofer bass that will literally shake you awake - it travels through the walls as if they aren’t there, and the culprit playing the music, in fairness, probably won’t even be aware that your whole flat is vibrating.

If the flat has wooden floors, run a mile - that’s all that will be between you and the neighbours downstairs.

Living in an apartment without soundproofing will eventually make you psychotic.

Where’s the like button on the pin? :laughing:

OP I’m sure you’ll do substantially better than that. Seems to be quite a few apartments on for 150k, and I can’t see them getting it.

I’ve spent a lot of time in this apartment - it actually looks smaller in the photos than it is … n-8/393360

Ok, it’s Thomas St, and we did once pass some 15 year old girls shooting up on the stairs but mostly it’s fine.

High ceilings or no, 48m² is a very pokey 2-bedroom (they must be miniscule). Also the kitchen looks tiny and doessn’t seem to have natural light. It seems that too much space is taken up by a corridor. And there’s no balcony, plus the area is not the best…how would you feel about parking the beemer outside (not sure even if there’s disc parking)?

Think hard before diving in. And if you’re not desperate to stop renting right away, hold on for 6-12 months and you’ll get better value, particualrly in the appartment sector.