Buying in dublin how much do things affect house prices in %

Hi all, looking for some advice. My husband and I are thinking of buying a house in Dublin, partly due to age (40) so we get a mortgage that will be affordable in the future. We’re on the 20% deposit anyway so we don’t necessarily need to buy immediately but then we’d end up never buying at that rate!

The two houses we are looking at are in Seagrange and in Raheny (close to kilbarrack station). One backs onto Lidl, so how much does this reduce the price of the property? The second is very close to the station and kilbarrack which is reducing the price significantly (other houses in other parts of Grange Park are going for 320-330k). Does anyone think that as they stand they are overpriced?

One of the reasons I ask is that the one in seagrange is approx 16% higher than April this year (245k for an end of terrace in April versus 279k for a mid terrace now allowing for the 245k house needing rewiring) and there’s also a house for sale in meadowbrook park which apparently is a slightly better area for 290k same sort of house, I know you then get into how much of a better area and how much is that worth but I think it’s a lot based on personal opinion.

Links to the two properties are:


On the basis of location alone the Seagrange House is by far the better option.

It’s a difficult one. But I would say that Baldoyle is the better location with easier proximity to Howth, Portmarnock, Burrow Beach etc. Seagrange is (or at least it was) local authority housing while Meadowbrook is a private estate. That said, the Seagrange houses are very well built and this one looks to have a decent attic conversion. Having a LIDL directly behind it will bother some people but not others…I’ve lived beside a supermarket in the past and I got used to it.

The seagrange one seemed a bit high in price it’s hard to tell because not many houses have sold there recently. I know what you mean about it seeming better and the house is big, only downsides are small garden and lidl.

Having grown up not far from here I would not buy a house that close to that Dart station, have no experience of Baldoyle. Most of the estate is grand/nice but would not buy there no matter the discount, what price peace and quiet? Keep in mind resale value too.

With the resale value, the proximety to kilbarrack is a detriment, how about the baldoyle ones proximety to lidl is it a matter of personal opinion or a general bad point?

We’ve got a smallish budget for the areas we’re looking in so I think we may have to accept some bad bits

Thanks for the reply

its the wrong end of kilbarrack (same house in st margarets avenue would be double that) but its much handier for town (3dart stops closer and much better buses) and raheny is nice. baldoyle doesnt have a right end so i’d keep looking if you didn’t buy the grange house

I would tend to agree with this. For some strange reason, Baldoyle has never made use of the fact that the village is in a very nice coastal location with stunning views of Ireland’s Eye and Howth etc. It could (and should) be so much better in terms of amenities and attractions. The only part of Baldoyle which would be considered “upmarket” is along Strand Road towards the DART station (although Turnberry and along the Baldoyle Road/Warrenhouse Rd is fairly decent for the most part.)
And yes, St Margaret’s Avenue - which is closer to Raheny, is in a different world to the above mentioned property. (Some of those 1950s bungalows go for close to 600k these days.)