Buying in Dublin

My partner and I are looking to buy in Dublin, but really have no idea which area would be suitable. We both work in the IFSC, and are currently renting near Mount Street. Looking for somewhere nice with ample facilities, sorry I can’t be more specific, but we’re quite open really.

Well you’re stumped so.

Well that’s your first mistake. If you trawl this board you’ll see that the general consesus is that anyone thinking of buying right now should be removed from the gene pool, unless you have a WAD of cash you are trying to protect and have resigned yourself to loosing about half of it.

To rent, and being from D’northside I’ll say:


All of them being leafy suburbs will close proximity to the City Centre. If you really don’t know Dublin that well you should be renting anyway, even if it were not for the current economic situation.


I’d strongly recommend moving into the south quays area… while some of the neighbours might be inviting German guys in lederhosen around… you should have the upside of at least getting some free drugs on your doorstep :slight_smile:

Your largest ever lifetime purchase, your biggest ever financial commitment and you haven’t done your homework/research???

I think you will have to be more specific Deirdre.

Meanies, she’ll be Deirdre of the Sorrows now…and maybe if she buys

Looky here sonny you’re forgetting the fundamentals of de property market.

You cant go wrong with bricks and mortar. Property only ever goes up. Theres never been a better time to buy. Rent is dead money. You don’t want to be paying somebody else’s mortgage for them. Land, they’re not making any more of it you know. Except in Holland… and off the coast of Dubai. Better buy something now before interest rates start going up and you wont be able to afford it. Better buy something now before interest rates go down, prices go up and you wont be able to afford it. Young people, population growth, demographic factors blah de blah. Sentiment is improving, excess supply is disappearing and levels of activity in the market are picking up. The rate of decline in prices is reducing. The market is at or near the bottom and it’s turning around. NAMA liquidity is going to kickstart the property market. Prices are going to start increasing again next year. You have to get on de property ladder before you get left behind. All the smart ballsy people are buying property right now. Pretty soon they’ll have bought it all and there’ll be none left.

And so forth

Slow day for somebody I’d say. WUM.

On AAM that would be a serious post.

Would you not think of renting the type of house/apartment in your price range in an appropriate area first?

If you take promixity to the IFSC as a starting point, then places close to the DART might be a starting point. On the North, Clontarf is a nice place but expensive for what you get and a bit of a trek from the DART (Clontarf Road Station doesn’t really cover much of Clontarf), so Raheny/Killester might be an option (you’ve St. Anne’s Park, Bull Island and the sea front promenade close by with plenty of restaurants, spoorting facilities etc… etc… as we’re not an EA writing an ad no more blurb). Southside equivalent I guess are Sandymount, Booterstown, Blackrock…i.e. follow the DART line as far as you want in either direction (the DART misses a lot of decent places to set up camp, but its a starting point that might work for you).

If you don’t know dublin, I’d definitely be an advocate of renting somewhere you think you’d like to live in the current environment, you’re not going to be missing out on your dream home due to massive amounts of demand…and if anyone says Rent is dead money…ask them which EA they work for. :wink:

Well they do work in the IFSC… Badum-tish! XD

This must be a joke. An experienced pinster sets up a new account and posts a tread like this → predictable response :laughing:


marino fairview and drumcondra are all fantastic areas

Not sure about Drumcondra… every 2-3 years there is this dodgy guy who will call around to your house and pretend to have done something for you.
He might try and kiss your child as well… be forewarned… he’s highly dangerous :slight_smile:

Rent in Sandymount for a year. Only have to stand for a few stops on the Dart.
Watch prices go down 20% next year.
Then donate half the savings to me.

My recommendation:

The neighbours are not so nice, but nothing in life is perfect.

Why would someone do that?