Buying in Maynooth

FTB looking at buying somewhere in maynooth not really sure what to offer for places, thinking of waiting till around June to really start looking but trying to get a feel of the prices at the moment, they seem to be all over the place. Any ideas of how much to offer for somewhere like this

180,000 is what I reckon it’s worth. But I think we’re a while off that price. He you really want it 230K but no more.
Here’s the same house up for rent at 1300 euro per month. One way to arrive at a valuation for a property is to multiply the monthly rent by 140. In this case the property (assuming a tenant takes the lease at that price) is worth 182K. But bear in mind that rents are forecast to fall by as much as 20% this year.

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Don’t forget the big fat tax hikes coming in April and for at least the next 2 years after that. Can your finances handle this?

Thanks Yog. Add the prefix ‘1’ for sales, ‘2’ for rentals to the property number. Now I know!

I have a suspicion that the house may not be surrounded on all sides by salubrious areas, and I don’t mean the students :nin

Yep, need to be careful.

Drive around the area and have a good look.
I did so about a year back when looking at places in that area, didn’t return

It is Silken Vale but is marked as Greenfield which is would be like labelling Templeogue as Tallaght.

Rentals in Maynooth town are overpriced as well. You can get 5 beds detached, 1 acres on the edge of town for about €1300.

Cheers, yeh I’ll wait till the tax hikes and take a look around then

Ah Jaysus, if its actually Silken Vale, don’t even consider buying it.

I had the misfortune to rent one of the showhouses in Silken Vale, & if that was the TLC the builder put into the construction the 3 little piggies shouldn’t buy one. The feckin thing was a disaster !!

When it got windy the curtains in the master bedroom used to blow inwards because there was a 2 inch gap between the lintel & the window frame. The plumbing was constantly up the spout & the heating only worked in half the rooms because of constant airlocks caused by the lazy bastard using the same pipes of HW to sinks as to the rads.

I’d love to see the BER rating on one of these, they’d probably have to drop the bottom rating from a G to a Z-- to cover them :imp:

Looks like the bottom of Old Greenfield to me.

A lot of nice people from that area. Most of them no longer live there.

Also, there were shots fired through the windows of one of the houses in that estate in the last couple of months which was not noted in the nationals media for some reason.

As for the rest of Maynooth, there have been insignificant drops of late, there’s a hell of a way to go yet (very sticky us Maynnoth lot).

Get propertybee installed into firefox and keep track. You’ll be sorted then.

Am looking to buy in Maynooth and the Property Bee is great, I did an average on 8 properties ( 3 bedroom houses ) which comes to 280k, considering making offers of 30% less i.e <= 200k in the coming months and see what kind of response I get, I think the extra tax hikes coming will have a big effect on price drops

btw Rents have dropped significantly in Maynooth was in a cramped 1 bed at 850pm but now in a spacious 3 bed at 900pm, there are bargains out there :smiley:

I was looking at that house too in my scans I also want to buy here, I’ve been renting here for a long time and its home.

The houses have not come down much yet a 3 bed in beaufield (normal sized 3 bed) were about 380 at the height so they have asking prices from 280-330, I mentaly subtract 50K from all of them. I’m still not ready might try get nice a 4 bed for 300K

The house is at the very end of old greenfield not greenfield. House are quiet cheap there beacuse of out of control fires at haloween, burnt out cars, stoning firemen, generaly not a nice area.

However it seem a small few give it a bad name for the others. Picture 14 looks out on the Beaufield estate so I know the house.

For the area this is still way to expensive depite how nice the house looks

The prices in places like Maynooth, Leixlip & Celbridge are being supported by the fact that they have 3 large companies HP, Intel & Wyeth in the locality & alot of people working there live in these towns. If any of these companies layoff any significant number of people the prices will really tumble.

I personally don’t think HP or Intel will be laying off significant numbers based on their press briefings of recent months but i don’t know anything about Wyeth

The question I have I guess is if you for example buy a 3 bed house in Maynooth for say €250K and intend living in it for 10 years or more would the value hold because of these companies e.g HP creating 500 new jobs etc. and also NUI Maynooth and the potential to get tenants to cover your mortgage if because of circumstances you had to move elsewhere?

Your problem is that no-one in those companies can forecast beyond the next couple of years, but your talking about a 20-40 year commitment !