Buying New Property that is currently being rented out


I’m thinking about buying a house in the Galway area. Its in a new development and is being advertised as such. The thing is, I took a drive by the houses that are up for sale the other night and all looked like they were occupied. After speaking with the auctionneer today it was confirmed that the four units for sale were actually being rented out to the developers “friends”.

My question is, where do I stand with this, is the house still new if there are people living in it? Any comments appreciated.


I believe this is the case and was discussed in other threads. Apparently a developer can rent out unsold “new properties” and then sell them as “new properties” with the appropriate stamp or lack of even though they have been rented. Unfotunately I cant remember which thread. :frowning:

Buckets and the OP, you stand nowhere on this.

Thanks, just hadnt seen it before.
Quite weird…, It’ll be interesting to see how they are going to show me the houses with someone living in them. Also, all the outstanding bills the tenants leave, and the snag list might get a bit longer, seeing as all the appliances etc. aren’t new anymore!

you’re the first we’ve seen in this position IIRC

I’m interested in the used-car vernacular … “never Sold but has that 2nd Hand Feel”

Would snagging even be possible or would it be sold as seen

what else am I missing that you’d get from a new house

Sounds like leverage you could use against the builder to lower the price.