Buying next door to rented property

You are getting nowhere being general – look at the specifics of the house you are looking at.

Could you live next to the current tenants in the house?

Who owns the house are they the type who will look after the house and get good tenants?
If bad one’s got it how would they deal with it?

What are the chances of a similar house coming in Shankill with “saver” neighbours that you have a chance of buying?

If you buy it and need to sell could you? Would you lose much money?

There’s a definite risk involved, over and above the standard risk you’d run if the neighbours owned their houses. With “fixed” neighbours you can call in to say howdy and suss them out before buying.

Use your head on this one and only jump if this isn’t a property that comes up often and can’t be let escape.

Well op, there is an old saying along the lines of “don’t buy a house, buy a neighbour”… food for thought perhaps? Also I recall being a renter a couple of years back and the neighbours blanked us or were very cool, the reason? we were the only renters on the street. Also there was a case in the circuit court last week (if memory serves) about two owner occupiers living in 38/40 Villa Park Gardens…google it eye popping stuff, so I guess the moral of this ramble …buyer beware

No Renters or Streets involved:
Bad case I heard of was in a rural(ish) area - just outside a country town where a couple from the area had bought a site for the dream home.
During the course of construction the folk from the house next door blatantly pinched blocks, timber and whatever else was going from their site - the unwilling builder’s providers could actually see stuff stashed away in the neighbours garden - they challanged the neighbours, who denied everything but, keeping to the country code, did not go to cops or take more direct action like stealing it back at hurley point!
Having thus proved themselves pushovers they were subjected to a few years of low level but constant hassle - neighbour had a sort of car servicing and dealership gig going on the side so there would be engine revving and bonnet slamming all hours of day and night, cars parked up on road outside, surly looks and gestures and lots of childish intimidatory nonsense.
When the boom came, and aided by some industrial development in a town nearby which created a local market for housing, they flogged the gaff as quickly as they could!

Wouldn’t like to live beside either of those couples - they deserve each other.