Buying Now 850-950K to spend... Good Value??

I’m contemplating buying now, cant / dont want to rent for a year and move again. I do not really see any value in the market at this level in North Co. Dublin. The areas I am looking at are Clontarf, Raheny, Sutton, Howth, Portmarnock + Malahide. I need four beds and a garden with maybe the opportunity to convert an attic or a garage. Dont mind a doer upper and would spend 100K on this…

Any suggestions, has anyone seen anthing that looks like (really) good value in these areas? :unamused:

Stick it in Rabo and have an extra 40k this time next year give or take a bit of dirt.

Your cash will go much further in a year or two. ou wont’ have to compromise if you have that much available to you.

For that kind of money you could develop on a green field site in north County Dublin. Either set yourself up to qualify for local needs or find a person who qualifies and pay them 20K to build in their name.

An outlay of 500K will still leave you with a 4000 sqft house worth well over 1000K. Sell as a principal residence and you will hake taken the sting to your move to Clontarf Seafield road area buy an old one and extend & refurbish.

That will make a tidy few bob also

Third move you can be mortgage free with a 2000K property