Buying property-a short survey

Hi guys, i’m conducting some research re. buying property and possible ways in which the result might be improved, or make a buyer feel more secure in there decision to buy in a certain location/area!

It’ll only take a couple of minutes!

Really appreciate the help,

Ronan … ajX9E/edit

Can you tell us a bit more about how this data will be used and perhaps who you are and if you work for an EA/Auctioneer/Newspaper etc?

Interesting idea. I’ve completed the survey.

In terms of the proposed service, I suppose it would depend on the price. If I could buy an area report for a few quid, I might. If it were to be a professional service that cost several hundred euro, I probably wouldn’t, to be honest. Others may.

School waiting lists would be an interesting one. Agents often a house is near school X, Y and Z but then you find that you need to have kids down years in advance. Maybe you could have something that showed waiting times for junior infants and even some indication of how easy it is to get older kids in. Could be a heavy workload for you though - and, of course, people should send specific requests to schools themselves.

The other one that might be easier to pull from elsewhere would be peak travel times from the house to city centre or to schools and train stations. A lot of people try to do the school run or a trial commute before bidding but it’s not always feasible.

I’d say it might be interesting to know local crime rates but you’d have to rely on Garda statistics which may undermine the credibility of your service…

There are two questions on the survey referring to “if you answered yes to Q2” which look like they should refer to Q1.

I reckon there’s enough resources on the Internet to do a reasonable check of an area, so the service would have to be ultra-cheap to be worth it.

I wouldn’t pay for the service but to be fair the respondents here are not representative of the market in general - if this site is primarily (or at least in a large part) a tool for shared property market intelligence, then it’s a self-selected audience that is likely to do the research themselves.

It’s always good to get the opinion of the ‘hard to sell to’ segment too.

It’s in the survey

Oh thanks, didn’t read that far :nin