CAB switches focus from property to cash as receccsion hits

CAB switches focus from property to cash as receccsion hits income - Tom Brady → … 41142.html

No information in the article about how much it costs to run CAB versus the amount it takes in.

Should a Law Enforcement agency put in place to make crime unattractive by increasing the risk of having the proceeds of crime taken away be self funding??

Pity they didn’t switch their focus to white collar insider conspirators for a while. Much richer pickings there for them to justify their salaries.

They have to be convicted first…

You have to be careful of CAB, it is a very dangerous principle. The problem is the money raised by CAB is never given back to the victims of the crime. Over time the professional ‘criminals’ become wise to the activities of such organisations and learn how to avoid them, they also learn how to settle with CAB as a cost of doing business. The regulatory agencies in the US run on the same principle for example the SEC will fine companies guilty of whatever transgression, the companies agree to pay a fine and not do it again, couple of years later they do it a again the fine is just a cost of doing ‘business’, there is no compensation for the victims.

Additionally, and you can see this in the States, the politicians promise to get tough on crime and expand the security agencies without raising peoples taxes by making the criminals pay for it. What happens over time is the criminals get wise to the police methods or crime falls and the police can no longer ‘self fund’ so what they do is widen the definition of crimes where they can seize property, this can and does include Grandmothers who grow some pot, they get jailed and have their entire property seized and sold off in some cases to mates of the local sheriff.

CAB does not compensate victims of crime, that is a problem.

Any comparison between the CAB and the SEC is a joke unless you believe that Irish criminals are going to recruit from the ranks of the CAB because that’s exactly what happens in the US with the SEC. The financial industry continuously recruit from the ranks of the lowly paid SEC. If you or your division pursue that case against GS too vigorously you’ll never get a job in the financial industry. And so have the financial industry tamed the SEC. I don’t think that’s going to happen to the CAB in Ireland.

The pressure will be on CAB to bring in revenue as we see based on the headline, there is no easy money available by seizing assets of criminals and selling them off so they are going for straight cash. The problem is that most of the ‘smart money’ is held outside the country outside their jurisdiction, not much low hanging fruit around with the exception of social welfare fraud.

Should be interesting to see how Jim Kennedy of JacksonWay gets on.

I’m a victim of crime, and I’d like to apply for compensation for the estimated 20K I spent on drugs in my late teens and early 20s

You’re not a victim, you’re a consumer. You agreed to pay the 20K to the dealer and probably had a good time high on whatever substance you chose to take. Now if the dealer broke into your house and stole your car to raise the money to buy drugs he sold you, then you have a case.

ha! That’ll be he day, when CAB actually have to prove their case.

Read section 8 of the proceeds of crime act, it basically lets CAB sieze assets on a “belief” that it is the proceeds of crime.

What I mean is that the person has to be considered a ‘criminal’. No?

It was tongue in cheek.

My (evidently more latent than I thought) point was that the victims of drug trafficking, other than those shot in territory disputes, probably don’t reside here, so who does the money seized from drug dealers go to? Into a pot to compensate the victims of robberies/assaults/fraud? Who decides what crime deserves what cash sum? You’d very quickly end up in a situation where some quango was set up to distribute compensation, which might not be sufficiently funded by the activities of CAB. You’d also create yet another way to game the system and obtain cash.

I’m happy for CAB to operate as a method of collecting tax on income obtained through illegal methods. I fundamentally disagree with compensating the victims of crime, on the basis of crime alone. If someone suffers mental or physical injury as a result of crime, they can obtain the same state support as those whose ailments are not a result of crime. If it’s possible to take direct civil action in either case, then this is the process to follow.