Cabinteely. Whats it like?


This isn’t a bad house (apart from the price), although that particular road looks like it could be a rat run.

It looks like its old/solid enough so as you wouldn’t hear the neighbour having a slash at night. I don’t know anything about Cabinteely though.

Is it like Rathfarnam, or Tallaght, or kind of in-between? (left myself open for snobbery attack I know)
I’ve asked around and it seems like nobody I know is from that neck of the wood.

It’s not a rat run, it’s a distributor road and fairly busy all day. The area is safe. Nearest social irritants in Mackintosh Park off Pottery Road and this estate is very settled. Worst thing to be said about it is that its a bit boring and nowherish (like the previous thread on Abbey Road). House is probably poorly insulated. Nearest public transport is 145 and other buses on the N11 which is probbaly 2nd best bus service in Dubin after 46a. Convenience store very close. Nice village at bottom of hill (15 mins walk on a busy hill). Short drive to many places and I’d say you’ll be doing a lot of driving. It is similar to Tallaght and Rathfarnham in it’s lack of a sense of place but those areas have more socially deprived residents who might mess up your life. (depends on which bit of Rathfarnham/Tallaght you live in)

I lived close to there about 5 or 6 years ago, thought it was a decent area. You have Cabinteely Village, Deansgrange and Dun Laoghaire close by and the Cornelscourt shopping centre. From what I remember the 45 bus route is the closest, can be a nightmare coming from the city. I think there was a 46c route also.

Unlikely given that the house is detached… :confused:

:slight_smile: your right! It would want to be some slash, a 10 pinter perhaps.

If it’s a safe area why the grilles on the windows at the back? A chat with the local guards might be an idea.

Looks like they’re on the INSIDE… some hideous form of net curtain?

I live nearby and have several friends living in the area - it’s a nice area for families. No, not hugely exciting, and not brilliant for public transport, but safe, relatively convenient, plenty of decent local schools… lots of middle-class people. If that’s what you’re looking for it is a good bet. I don’t know Rathfarnham very well, but it’s definitely closer to Rathfarnham than Tallaght anyway, IMO.
I’d also say you could haggle hard in this neighbourhood - plenty of properties sitting on the market for months around there.

Between the radio mast in the back and metal mesh on the windows you’ve got to be a bit suspicious about this one.
Mork and Mindy comes to Cabinteely.

I grew up in this estate. It is a middle class area and has all the good schools, parks, ameneties if thats what you are looking for. The village is grand too, handy for a pint. There is plenty of public transport, if you were to get the bus to town it would be the no 7 on Rochestown Ave or the DART feeder bus the 111 to Dun Laoghaire (not from the village). These are regular buses running every 15 mins or so throughout the day. This is one of the top areas on our list to settle in SECD, and I can be a bit of a snob.

That said, unsure if I would buy on Johnstown Rd, as a previous poster said it is a very busy road, I would be buying in the estate. Another thing to consider is if you have a young family it is a bit boring as most living there now are to put it nicely of retirement age… But fairly typical of good estates in SECD in my opinion and that is changing.

Thanks for all the opinions pintsers.