Cabra, Dublin

Hi. Looking for views on cabra. This is just up today. Somebody has told me flooding could be an problem.

I viewed this a few a while ago. It was up for 250k and when i viewed it was full of people. Rang the next day and was told there was 275k offered and that it was only going up.

It was a nice house but needed EVERYTHING done to it. There are a lot of houses gone sale agreed in Cabra in the past weeks/months. What do people think? Is it a good place? What areas are nice?

I would recommend it highly as a place to live, and i live there. This part of Cabra anyway.

Only thing is, that house is on a busy road. Not sure if I’d fancy it.

But, I can say this with hand on heart, I think this part of Cabra is unique in Dublin in being so well served by small traditional style family owned shops that you do not need to go to a supermarket, ever. There is a fantastic mix of local shops.

This has social benefits as well. You get to know the same faces and so on.

Flooding is an issue unfortunately, though i dont know if this house would be affected. its worst around the junction of Offaly Road and Imaal Road. The council did some works to improve flood relief but unfortunately their actions made it worse.


I am also interested in this part of Cabra and would welcome any info on flooding as I had no idea Cabra Road had flooding issues.

Came up with this on you tube from last November which seems to be on Cabra Road although its a bit difficult to work out exactly where it was taken.


I think its a great area, wouldnt let the flooding put me off as there are plenty of roads that never ever flood (the higher up ones).

Thanks a mill Yorkie Bar. I know the area well enough - more familiar with Old Cabra Road and had no idea of the flooding. I wonder what an insurance company would think! Will be checking No. 68 out!

thanks yorkie bar too. i think no.68 was flooded, there were houses there along that road that had sandbags there until recently. looking at 68 i’d say the insurance got the new floors in downstairs. there’s also a vent below the sitting room window i notice - this would need to be blocked with the flooding? the insurance would be an issue here i am thinking and something which may just put me off - less comp for you ready to move!
a few enquires reveal that clarks bakery didn’t flood but that row of houses and all around newgrange rd (ave)? did. it seems to have been very localised flooding. as yorkie mentioned the lack of grass soakage really contributed to this.
i’m just not too keen on old cabra rd/ cabra drive. just personally find it dark? can’t really expalin that.
how about up towards villa park or kinvara? anyone have any info on these areas?

Villa Park Road is a lovely road, especially towards the end of it. They are defo nicer than the houses in this part of Cabra. Also quite close to the park which is nice.

The flip side is that there is no real community focal point in Villa park Road, and same would go for Kinvara. Your biggest local amenity is a petrol station, beside a Church.

East Cabra has heaps of local shops/ bakers/ butchers/ grocers/ bike shops etc etc.

Also, if it matters, Old Cabra Road is comfortable walking distance to town, and comfortable walking distance to Stoneybatter/ Phibsboro/ Glasnevin…20mins walk gets you to any of those. Its a nice option to have. Kinvara/ Villa Park road would be more like 40 mins walk to town.

Town being O’Connell St.

I agree I wouldnt be especially keen on the houses on New Cabra Road, not on this stretch anyway.

Further up say between Imaal Road and the Topaz station on he Old Cabra Road would be nicer ones, and further up again towards the library.

Excellent detective work Sultans! The new laminate floors downstairs were making me uneasy for a reason I couldn’t put my finger on (apart from the fact that I’m not a laminate fan) makes perfect sense that they were put in after flooding! This is also a major no no for me. Oh dear and that lovely south facing back garden, shame!

Re: Villa Park and Kinvara, I completely agree with Yorkie that there is no community focal point. However, Villa Park is close to the Phoenix Park which is a wonderful amenity and the houses are lovely. I’m less keen on Kinvara as it feels soulless to me but I know several people with young families who are very happy there.

a brief reconnaissance yesterday found the sand bags out on a few houses and up against the doors of some of the shops across the road. hopefully as yorkie bar said the works by the corporation have eased the flooding issues but i’d still be wary of insurance costs. osi mapping shows some streams in that area alright.

Do you have a link? I’m considering a place nearby.,714205,736013,7,8

using the historical overlay you see the stream running under christ the king church. a number of underground streams run towards phoenix park. parts of blackhorse ave are also affected. these are major sticking points for me.

i like the proximity to town of this area. i like the access to the m50 and m3. i like the phoenix park being nearby. i like some of the houses the area, new cabra rd, villa park, kinvara, navan road. they are solid, spacious (for me) and offer potential for expansion. most of the ones i have viewed have been doer-uppers in various states of disrepair. i viewed one in hampton green and it was the only house that i ruled out straight away.

what i don’t know is enough about the area - schools, antisocial issues if any and clubs and things for children -thinking ahead.

Hey Guys,
Went to see this house …its lovely with lots of potential and great garden.
However, we have decided not to go with it for the following reasons:

Flooding: phoned the water/flooding section in the council…they said there is a dip in the land around the shops and a river flowing under cabra. As there was an issue with drainage no 68 flooded. They said they did a little to fix it but had no big plans to do any more! Also phoned AXA insurance and they wont insure for flooding as it was already claimed last year. Other companies may insure?

Extension: The extension is on next door neighbours land and vise versa…? planning permission…this would need to be looked into…or you would need pay more for your solicitor to sort it out!

I loved the house and the area is great, my sister in law lives just 5 mins from there with 2 kids…she loves the area!

Best of luck!


Ps. check out this video of the flooding:
I think the house that they put the camera on could be 68 or very close to it!

Thanks! I’d never have noticed that this is a stream rather than a field boundary (despite it being labelled Bradog Water after it passes under the New Cabra Road).

I’d say that between 6 and 8 seconds in, the bright lights in the upper right corner of the video are the 17 shops. The blue illuminated shop sign is surely domino’s pizza, and I think the Chinese place next door is now done out in yellow (rather than blue as it was when the google streetview photos were taken). And the house at 29 seconds in, when she’s saying “My God, it’s like a river!” has distinctive glasswork in the front door, and I’d put money on it being the place one house west of number 68 (either 70 or 66 I guess). Then the car takes a left onto Annamoe Terrace (“the kerb is underwater”) and you can see the City Cycles sign lit up on the right, shortly before “we’re ok now, we’re outta that river”.