Cafe Bar Deli in Cork CLoses down

This should probably go into to the Signs of Recession but I want to highlight
this bit…from the PROC

*Shut down with a note in the window to suppliers etc from the Manager saying she was informed, by text, by the owner that it was gone and to address all queries etc to him.

Seems fairly shabby.

The owner is Jay Bourke, name ring any bells 8)

29 September 2011 … S4719.html … 41625.html … ant-trade/

Some choice quotes from that article:

Err - you’d want to have bought shares in MSFT a long time ago to make any money…

You know sometimes words just fail me about this country.Stay Classy Jay

I’m sure Marian Finucane will give him an hour next weekend … or maybe not as this restaurant was in Cork rather than Dublin

Again according to the PROC the wife was on the Brendan OConnor show last year telling us how great he was. The manager of Cafe Bar Deli who Jay had the bad manners to text saying its closing, has put a sign in the window with Jays phone number

Raiding the tips jar mustn’t have worked…

Its funny because Jay’s wife was Brendan’s girlfriend back in the day…

How many busts has this fella had at this stage!

Joe Duffy even had him on a couple of years ago after suppliers and staff of 1 failed enterprise started ringing in about unpaid bills/wages.

I really don’t how he manages to set up business after business and then run away from it when it falls apart. The only people who end up getting burned are the suppliers.

and his staff…

Enough to make Lolo Ferrari blush (if she was still alive).

Had to google that :open_mouth: but :laughing: :laughing:

Jay Burke still had a restaurant? :open_mouth:

The Market Bar is a goldmine…the joys of limited liability … 89525.html
(can’t find a link to more recent accounts but it was still turning a massive profit when they were posted a couple of months back)

I don’t think he’s been involved in that for years. Could be wrong if someone wants to pull the B1.

Bellinter house was a total money pit for Jay, don’t know if has any involvement now

Banks took it.

He did a beautiful job on it, but complete Celtic Tiger messing.

still is (according to the Indo, so it might not be true) … 00202.html