Cafe Bar Deli in Cork CLoses down

Ah OK. I thought he exited all of his original bars at the same time but obviously not… … 00529.html

Liquidator moves on Jay burke, and attempts to have him prevented from acting as a company director again…


There was also a touch of property development added into the mix…

which I’m not sure made money either, but did produce two pretty wonderful houses (if you like concrete and modernism)…

That house is up for rent currently:
I’d love to live in something like that house in a warmer, sunnier climate, but in Dublin I’d prefer something a bit less stark.
Think I’d get depressed living in all that glass during a dark, rainy Irish winter.

Jay and his Brother pulling strokes again…

This time Pygmalion

Some operator in fairness

the noose seems to be tightening around poor Jay’s neck…

Why would you do business with this guy? Similarly why would anyone think it a good idea to extend credit to the Stokes’?

Because Jay has an extraordinary ability to predict what people of his age want in terms of pubs/clubs/restaurants, well ahead of the pack. But on no account should he be running anything.

Do you think?
My bet is that in 10 years time, Jay will still be the big shot, still loved by the Sindo and their ilk, still running businesses into the ground and still leaving a trail of destruction all around him.

He’ll be pioneering chic retirement communities :slight_smile:

Surprise! Another Jay Burke restaurant locked out for not paying rent.

Who the f*ck still rents to him? … -1.2098855

It’s the Landlords fault that 20 people are out of work says Jay!

A client of mine had a retail premises to let.
I asked him if he was interested in renting it out as a restaurant.
‘‘I’m not ***that ***desperate (yet)’’ was his reply.

Restaurateur allowed back into bistro amid rent row … 12143.html

It’s not the first unit on that street to undergo similar events.

Know how to make a million?

Start with two and open a restaurant *

  • Bitter personal experience

Anyone see the article in the Business Post yesterday?? Don’t have a subscription…

:nin :nin :nin

Perchance a synopsis?

ACC bank, I think, were chasing monies from Jay,

I’ve no information, that’s why I was asking you guys if you had any more info…