Cairnfort, Stepaside … HORU387309

on market for 850k
these were built in 2002 and were 630k when launched

considering a bid of 600k

Is it on bridging finance? You could get lucky, but probably not on the market long enough for that drop yet.

I know my bid won’t be accepted but why sell a family home like this in the current market if you don’t need to or unless you are looking to reel in one more person.

If its on for 850k then they would prob take 750k now. In 12 months as prices fall the anchor effect of 850k will lessen.

I would be comfortable enough buying at 2002 prices. I don’t think market will fall much below that to be honest. 600k is approx €265 a sq foot

This is a house in a housing estate. It is not a mansion on its own grounds with swimming pool tennis court and horse stables. I think the asking price is mental as is the price you are preparing to offer.

I’d share the opinion that 2001/2002 prices are probably the level that represents “value”. I keep an eye on prices in a certain estate I am familiar with and the stuff that is priced at the bottom of the range at present has another 20-25% to go before we get back to 2001/2002. The stuff at the top of the range has about 40% :angry:

what would you value it at?

I would tentavely say 600k is not a bad price for this house at this time. But I’m not convinced Stepaside will hold it’s value that well - depends on how many more apartments get build or at the very least how the well current developments are finished. I sold a house in Cruagh and I believe since then they have started developing in the field between Cruagh and the ballyogan road. Not sure they will finish which might actually be worse than having the additional apartments

Word of advice on the EA - I had a friend offer on a house in Belarmine - he offered well under the ask which was rejected. 3 months later the house is still on the market price at slightly under what he offered and no-one has called him back because I believe the initial offer was seen as something of an insult. I was at the initial viewing and at the time this EA’s belief is that there is no crash and the market will come back. Unless his attitude has changed you will get nothing but a sneer on a 600k offer.

Look, how close you would be to the neighbours. I would say €300,000 and that is being generous.