Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?


Lots of chatter of another staged chemical weapons attack being imminent in Syria.

Yes, I’m posting a RT video. :angry:


Don’t know which thread to put this into but here’s as good as anywhere. Another Irish joke…come here to ‘study’ but it’s all about getting work, overstay a few years illegally and eventually, hey presto, your made legal and get access to the welfare system!

New scheme could allow up to 5,500 non-EEA nationals remain in Ireland to work
The scheme will be set up specifically for people who came to Ireland between 2005 and 2011 to study. … 1-Sep2018/

‘Stayed on’ being Irish media code for illegal migrant.
And wait, we’ve done this before

All about the cheap labour for the Right, possible votes for the Left…and screw the rest of us



Will Assad gas his own people just when he’s on the verge of victory over the US/Israeli/UK backed rebels terrorists? XX


Right wing SD increase vote share 4.7 points to 17.6%


That SD vote increase is not that large when you consider whats happened in Sweden in the past few years. I’d say their leadership are privately not happy with it


Pre-emptive coverage in the indo of Virgin Media One’s show scheduled this evening. I wonder who will be watching.



The White Helmets are a terrorist organisation (funded by Israel, UK etc) who carried out several false flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria. A civil defence organisation? :unamused:


Diversity is our strength… XX … arge-event




An asylum seeker who came from Zimbabwe to Dublin Airport in 2014
Within one month her interviews were completed and her asylum application rejected
She lodged an appeal and waited 20 months. She was rejected again.
The appeals continue.
‘When I come home I am not allowed to cook for my children’ - the harsh realities of Direct Provision in Ireland



Times 30/10/18

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I think the west should be picky, damn picky about who is allowed in. Open doors are for fools.


This story is starting to appearing on various sites, here Bill Still covers the story that Soros has been reported partnering with Mastercard (Humanity Ventures) to give migrants money in the US & Europe, what is interesting is that he claims migrants were given such cards to help them rapidly enter Europe.

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So this guy could have been in Australia nearly 20 years before this?! People like Merkel could be long gone before this stuff actually peaks in Europe??

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More wonderful diversity courtesy of a muslim uber driver … 39085067d7


Here is a nice story, from Norway…

So a convicted Islamic terrorist sues the Norwegian government, and wins, because he cannot get work or gets fired from jobs because he is, wait for , a convicted muslim terrorist. It seems the customers of his employers did not like dealing with a wife beating, petty criminal, islamic terrorist.

This guy.

Total compensation, around 12K euros. The court did decided he was not entitled to any lost earning though.


So RTE do opinion pieces now…Fair and Balanced lol … t-to-stay/

The author definitely hasn’t adjusted to the Post Trump World. Such backwardness from the author ! Doesn’t seem to get the new progressive thinking on migration at all.