Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?


RTE have been hammering the migration agenda a lot lately through their opeds for academics


In other news - “Losing ticket holders should be given winning tickets says leading lamp”,


Growing presence of vigilante groups and militias in Europe thanks to the globalists and their open door policies.


Interesting (if slightly depressing) video on the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.


So what exactly is a Compact?

It seems its a way for the Open Borders people to change national laws in a very sneaky and underhand way because they know that if the tried to do it in and open and transparent way there would be a massive popular backlash and would never ever stand a hope of becoming law.

The process is all very clearly explained here. If only inadvertently. And a bit legalese. But cleanly written.

Basically they are trying to use the “soft law” of this Compact to set “norms” based on “international law” which are then turned into national law by signing some “intentional agreement”. Or in the case of the EU, Brussels issues a Directive and that is now the law of the land.

Basically the plan as outlined in the Compact is that everyone in the world will have a “Human Right” to live anywhere in the world and what ever country they want to live in has by “international law” to give them every right and privilege of native citizens. Welfare, healthcare, housing, right to work. Everything.

Completely fucking insane.

The only outcome of this kind of political arrogance by the current ruling class is a rejection of liberal democracy by the majority of citizens of the western countries. As the only way of saving their countries. These people will destroy western democracy if not stopped. Look at what they have done to moderate politics in Germany and Italy to name just two examples.

At the moment there are about 30 million people in Africa ready to head north if allowed to. Over the next 20 years there about another 120 million who would follow. These are the German semi-offical numbers. Since suppressed.


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Is migration a right? The EU press release says the UN compact on migration is not about making it a right. Is this true?

Below is from a UN document on it:

Lots of opposition … 0?mode=amp … commission … a-46350322 … nto-crisis

Are they all just racist or is the Devil in the details


Little dinghies going from France to UK carrying migrants
in November.

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Now Albanians are stowing away on ferries from Spain to Cork, decamping in Laois, shouting “Asylum”
and that’s just the ones we know about


From 2015 all the way through to 2018 It’s great for Ireland to be part of the club, all the perks, nostalgia for the past, what could go wrong in this Brave New World, everything is going perfectly to plan.


The IT and MSM love to point out that that Chekatt and many of his supporters are born in France/Europe, therefore the open boarders plan is still a great idea, some people still believe it, but at this stage I doubt the majority does


The media here were making great play earlier that simple auld criminality hadn’t being ruled out in this massacre according to the French Interior Minister.
Yes, he was radicalised…yes, he was muslim…yes, he attacked a Christmas market with a gun and shot random people…yes he shouted Allah Akbar…but lets not rule out criminality said the Minster and not rush to judge this as terrorism


Most of the victims were killed / wounded by head shots. The guy was shouting various salfist slogans. The guy was very well known in salifist / jihadi circles locally. The guys category on Fiche S was such that if Sarkozy had won last year he had promised to put all those on the top category of Fiche S under indefinite detainment. Because they were such a danger and there was no probability of “rehabilitation”. So this guy was only on the streets due to a very deliberate government policy of going soft on Fiche S muslims because it was “racist” to lock them up. No matter how many criminal offenses they had, no matter how strong the evidence that they were hardened salafis, no matter what terror threats they had made.

Of the many dozens of attacks over the last few years the only perps who not already in the top two categories of Fiche S, very well know to authorities as a very great risk, were several attacks by people with long histories of mental illness. But all the rest were all well know, or at least know, salafists.


That’s all well and good - but assuming he was sentenced and in prison for the previous attacks how to you propose to deal with this?
We aren’t in a minority report world where people get jailed for what they might potentially do. (Europe doesn’t have a Guantanamo Bay. Which is good.).
If he was sentenced and not put in prison then it is clear where to put the blame.


We need to move into that world. We are at war, and in war internment is justifiable.


Sarkozy and others proposed several years ago to use existing French laws for indefinite long term confinement / monitoring. Its not like they have not done this before. It was used both with OAS supporters and some ETA people more recently. France, like Spain, has defacto open ended indefinite detainment if they choose to use it. There are several judicial instruments available. Sarkozy has been the only national politician who spelled it out bluntly in such terms. I have seen at least one pretty funny interview where Sarkozy systematical demolished all the shallow bien pensant arguments used by the very aggressive interviewer about “human rights” etc. Sarkozy just pointed out these strategies were used before successfully, only be used on the hard core, maybe 5K, and very aggressive approaches were to be used to both segregate the impressionable and neutralize the trouble makers in the prison system.

Europe does not need a Guantanamo Bay because all Civil Law countries already have both the intrusive civil monitor system, compulsory ID cards plus unlimited right to stop, and the judicial instruments to lock up who ever they want for as long as the want, purely on potential to cause civil / state disturbances in the future. These have been used extensively in the past generation or two in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. And Germany even had internment camps with hundreds of thousands of refugees in them. Back in the 1990’s. Full of Yugoslavs. It was OK to intern 1’st world white christens refugees from a civil war but it seems is not OK to intern third world muslims and africans who are mostly economic illegal immigrants.

So absolutely nothing new in any of these suggestions. Just the political will to use them.


The recent spike in Iranian asylum seekers has come about because of the Serbs! They had a visa free travel scheme there for a while (ended in Oct) and 40,000 Iranians flew into Serbia. How many actually flew back to Iran is another question


What % are people happy with having the muslim population at? Or are ye all carefree enough to have no threshold?

Over in Belgium there is enough to have started political parties, with aims for an islamic state, and they have election success. They literally sound like ISIS.

This is where is occurs:

So thats probably a limit any sane person would want right?

What about future birth rates? England & Wales has it at 5% - from the 2011 census.

So gonna pretty much double in a generation and as the older cohort dies off the % will increase.
And as much as I enjoy watching the Brexit spectacle and the UK potentially break itself up it is just a bit too close to Ireland for comfort. Whatever happens Ireland will likely have open borders with either the UK or the EU and possibly continue to be open to both.

So someone please provide me with a good case in favour of what seems to be utter madness?