Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?


Hmmm not good. This is not good. Something is about to happen. A not good thing.


Some choice comments. One guy reckons its a good thing to see Irish as a minority in an area. The young fella is a prime example of western education. Its not just ireland it seems we have brainwashed a whole generation across the west.


‘a nation of self-flagellating masochists’



Wait until they realize what damage they could do in places like southern Europe and Australia in summertime




How’s that fit with increasing automation


Not a bother. Be grand sure


BBC News - Germany: Boy dies after being pushed in front of train in Frankfurt

The attack came 10 days after a 34-year-old woman was fatally pushed in front of a train by a man in the German town of Voerde.


Why are the mainstream media not giving us a description of the attackers “due to the sensitive nature of the issue”?

A massive investigation is under way after three juvenile teenage girls reported that they were victims of savage sex attacks by a number of males…

“Due to the sensitive nature of the incident no further information is currently available. Investigations are ongoing,” the spokesman added.


What are they thinking? Seems like pure insanity on the part of the Dept Of Justice…

However, it soon turned into a rally calling for an end to negotiations between the Department of Justice and the hotel’s owners to use it to house asylum and refugee applicants.

All local speakers were against it, saying Oughterard could not cater for a large number of refugees because it does not have enough school places, doctors or other local services.

Some speakers said they would be willing to welcome a few asylum and refugee families as long as they were properly housed and integrated into the local community.


nothing was done to promote rural Ireland over the past 50 years. now we’ll double the population of small villages by dumping direct provision centres on them.


Grealish has said nothing that can’t be largely backed up by stats.

The Lefties/Govt on the other hand are the ones making broad sweeping statements that are downright false


Had an after-work pub conversation tonight and almost everyone agreed with Grealish. (I was actually quite surprised - given the general liberal/left stance of most of my workmates.) Some kept quiet but most agreed that the situation was crazy and that sticking hundreds of recently arrived Africans in a Connemara hotel for who-knows-how-long was insanity.

No doubt Grealish will top the poll if the election happens next May…


Silent protest today in Connemara. A stream of Gilet jaune míshásta.
might we finally be reaching an inflection point


And I note Grealish has doubled down on his comments. Nice to see someone not caving in to the media / twitter mobs.

There have been calls for the Independent Galway West TD, who has not spoken further in public on the issue since, to clarify his comments and apologise.

However, local councillor Tom Welby on Saturday said Mr Grealish had “nothing to apologise for”.

‘No regrets’

He said he had spoken to Mr Grealish and that he appeared to be “Ok” about the backlash over his comments and has “no regrets.”

“I fully support Deputy Grealish and I feel he has nothing to apologise for,” Cllr Welby told The Irish Times, adding that others in the community were also supportive of the TD.


Good stuff. Hopefully the Irish are finally waking up.
This video exposes the direct provision scam pretty well. Top two nationalities of those in direct provision are Georgia and Albania apparently. :roll_eyes:


Looks like the temperature is rising on this…

A campaign to stop the potential opening of a direct provision centre in Oughterard, Co Galway has been stepped up with a round the clock protest being maintained outside the gates of the disused hotel where it may be located.

Locals voted overwhelmingly against the centre for asylum seekers at a public meeting on Wednesday and about 1,500 people on Saturday marched 3km from the town to the Connemara Gateway Hotel.

The silent procession, which started on the grounds of Oughterard’s Catholic Church, was organised by a committee set up to stop the Department of Justice from opening the centre in the shuttered hotel.

Protesters held placards stating ‘No to Direct Provision for Oughterard’ and ‘Oughterard says No to Inhumane Direct Provision Centres’.

Though many participants wore yellow vests and were advised by organisers to wear hi-viz vests, Rory Clancy, a local publican and committee member, said the demonstration was not linked to any right-wing group.

The 24-hour protest started immediately after the end of the peaceful march and more than 20 people wearing yellow vests stood with placards outside the fenced-off hotel.

Workers who turned up to continue the refurbishment works on Saturday at the site turned away when they saw the protesters blocking the entrance. Work started on the building some weeks ago, which raised the alarm among locals when it was discovered that there was no
planning process involved.


Another 2,000+ out on the silent march in Oughterard today

In a message seemed to be directed at the Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, the protesters earlier tweeted that “Oughterard is not stepping back. Oughterard is stepping up”, adding that the town wanted to be “a platform for positive change”.

Minister Flanagan last week ordered people to “step back” from protests and accused groups of trying to “whip up hate”.

However, local independent councillor Thomas Welby, firmly rejected accusations of racism at the march today, saying people had always been made welcome in Oughterard.

Mr Welby and others called on the owner of the former Connemara Gateway Hotel to share information on what was planned for the building.

There were also calls for the Minister for Justice to come and talk to the people of Oughterard.

A 24-hour protest at the site of the hotel will continue, the demonstration heard.