Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?


I am extremely far from left wing, but if you’re talking to me I was referring to the participants in that video denying that black British-born footballers are British. Last time I checked, discrimination on the basis of race is called racism. Thankfully, not everyone who abhors racism is on “the deranged far left”, but I’m sure you won’t let that impinge on your tiny polarised world.


It’s an interesting topic all the same, media coverage off crime and the to’s and fro’s of contemporary Ireland.

I don’t watch RTE, but I wonder do we get much coverage on RTE of for example, ISIS and it’s activities in Ireland similar tweets such as this you might stumble across on the net?


Better get in before the aul hate speech wha?

Taoiseach in attack on illegal immigration

Taoiseach’s surprise focus on Albania and Georgia

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said Georgian and Albanian migrants travelling to Ireland with fake documents are the “big driver” behind what he says is a rise in asylum seekers coming to this country.

In an unexpected intervention, as a protest against asylum seekers in direct provision continued on Achill Island, Co Mayo, last night, the Taoiseach said there are many ways to enter Ireland legally with a visa or work permit but insisted the country “cannot tolerate illegal entry”.


Noel Grealish is really sticking his head above the parapet

TD accused of racism after questioning ‘astronomical’ amount of money sent from Ireland to Nigeria
A TD has been accused of racism in the Dáil after questioning the amount of money sent from Ireland to Nigeria every year.

Noel Grealish, who was at the centre of another racism row in September, asked the Taoiseach whether “astronomical” amounts of money leaving this country were being monitored.

He demanded to know what mechanisms are in the place to ensure money going to Nigeria “is not the proceeds of crime or fraud”.

The Galway TD quoted figures from the World Bank which show that hundreds of millions are repatriated to Nigeria every year.

The Independent Galway West TD said it was important to know what checks there were on money being transferred out of Ireland and what tax regulations applied. He said he understood that up to €1bn per year was at issue.

> Money being transferred out of Ireland without proper controls or monitoring has to stop,” Mr Grealish insisted.

The Taoiseach promised a detailed reply from the Finance Department and Revenue Commissioners about taxation and anti-money laundering regulations.

“If you have any evidence, any evidence at all, that anyone is transferring money abroad which doesn’t belong to them, do pass it on to us and we’ll have it checked into,” Mr Varadkar told Deputy Grealish. The Taoiseach added that he believed money laundering prevention rules were quite strict.

In September Mr Grealish was at the centre of a racism row in September after he claimed African migrants “sponge off the system”.

Mr Varadkar told him to walk down to Holles Street hospital and see the number of doctors and nurses working their from foreign countries.
**> **
> He said: “That is the way the world works.


It begins.




He’s getting his figures from the World Bank who get data direct from the likes of Nigeria who use estimates of inflows, the other country’s GDP and the population f it’s citizens there. The WB then adjusts these.

The CSO get their figures from modelling…the average earnings in Ireland, the population group in question and the areas they work in etc.

So both options are probably riddled with errors.


That’s mad Ted… eh, not really.

I posted about it back in 2018 Ebbs & flows: Banking remittances in & out, Ireland 2016

The reporting on this story goes as far back as 2013 and maybe even further.


Sweden’s 100 explosions this year: What’s going on?

When three explosions took place in one night across different parts of Stockholm last month, it came as a shock to residents. There had been blasts in other city suburbs, but never on their doorstep.
**> **
> Swedish police are dealing with unprecedented levels of attacks, targeting city centre locations too. The bomb squad was called to deal with 97 explosions in the first nine months of this year.
**> **
> “I grew up here and you feel like that environment gets violated,” says Joel, 22.

The front door of his apartment block in the central Stockholm neighbourhood of Sodermalm was blown out and windows were shattered along the street.

Who are Sweden’s criminal gangs?

Police say the criminals involved are part of the same gangs behind an increase in gun crime, often connected to the drugs trade. Sweden saw 45 deadly shootings in 2018, compared with 17 in 2011.

But why they have added explosives to their arsenal is unclear.

Swedish police do not record or release the ethnicity of suspects or convicted criminals, but intelligence chief Linda H Straaf says many do share a similar profile.

“They have grown up in Sweden and they are from socio-economically weak groups, socio-economically weak areas, and many are perhaps second- or third-generation immigrants,” she says.

Ideological debates about immigration have intensified since Sweden took in the highest number of asylum seekers per capita in the EU during the migrant crisis of 2015. But Ms Straaf says it is “not correct” to suggest new arrivals are typically involved in gang networks.

For many on the political right the explosions add fuel to their argument that Sweden has struggled to integrate migrants over the past two decades.

“In the future the situation might grow even bigger and even more problematic,” says Mira Aksoy, who describes herself as a national conservative writer.

“Since they are in the same area, they are in the same mindset. It’s easy for them to connect to each other. They don’t feel like they should become a part of Sweden and they stay in their segregated communities and start doing crimes.”

This kind of sentiment has grown in recent years, and the nationalist Sweden Democrats attracted 18% of the vote in 2018.

But Malin Bradshaw believes crime levels are more to do with income and social status.

Did Swedish media hush it up?

Another important layer of this story is how it has been covered by Swedish media.

After last month’s trio of attacks in Stockholm, public broadcaster SVT was accused of a leftist cover-up for leaving the story out of a main evening news programme.

“I think that they have not done a great job… I feel like they’re trying to shrink the news,” argues writer Mira Aksoy.

Christian Christensen, a journalism professor at Stockholm University, was himself surprised that some programmes paid little attention to the explosions, but feels there was extensive coverage in the big newspapers and on local news programmes.
“The problem is that Sweden is used symbolically as proof of problems with immigration, proof of problems with leftist policies - unfairly in many cases,” he argues.


BBC pushing Islamic clothing. Slippery slope there.

Amazing the influence this disease of a religion already has on mainstream media who can’t bear to point out issues. Literal freedoms at stake.


November last year, the children’s commissioner, Anne Longfield, published a report which estimated there were between 400,000 and 450,000 victims of child sexual abuse in England between April 2012 and March 2014. The NSPCC estimates that for every child known to be in need of protection from abuse, another eight are suffering in silence.

the activities of gangs of men who sexually exploited under-age girls have been exposed in Rotherham, Derby, Rochdale, Oxford and other towns. None of these problems was on the radar 10 years ago, and a handful of people who told the police they had been assaulted by Savile or tried to expose ‘grooming’ gangs were ignored.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has defended highlighting the ethnicity of some grooming gangs.

The home secretary faced criticism for a tweet earlier this year referring to “sick Asian paedophiles”.

But speaking on BBC Radio 4 Today, Mr Javid - who has Pakistani heritage - said that ignoring the ethnicity of abusers gives “oxygen” to extremists.

He said he wanted officials researching the causes of gang-based exploitation to leave “no stone unturned”.

Asked by the British-Pakistani novelist Kamila Shamsie, who was guest-editing the Today programme, whether he was concerned that his comments may have fuelled hate crimes, he said he was “very much aware of the need for politicians to be careful with their language”.

But he said: “When it comes to gang-based child exploitation it is self-evident to anyone who cares to look that if you look at all the recent high-profile cases there is a high proportion of men that have Pakistani heritage.”


Nothing wrong with picking and choosing who is let in.
No more people from stone age cultures unless they can prove they aren’t bringing backwards religious nonsense or weird and dangerous tendencies towards child grooming with them.

Change my mind


New York Times this morning:

Denmark resumes long-abandoned border checks

The Danish authorities, struggling to quell a wave of bombings attributed to Swedish gangs, have introduced passport controls at the border with Sweden for the first time since the 1950s.

For now, only air travelers from Sweden will be exempted.
Sweden has been rocked by more than 100 explosions in the first 10 months of this year, and at least 13 blasts have hit Copenhagen, although the police have not linked them all to Sweden.

The cause: Officials say Swedish gang violence has been spilling out of low-income suburbs, fed by surplus weapons left over from Yugoslavia’s civil war. The role of Sweden’s long policy of open arms for immigrants and refugees is a matter of sharp political debate.


Puts governments “open arms” policies in a whole new light. :ninja:


Hark the call to prayer at that cathedral of mass consumerism.

Pennys do a line in ‘modest fashion’ here already.


And who is responsible for this? :roll_eyes:


Question to which I don’t know the answer: are the absolute numbers of Immigrants, and their percentage of the total population, increasing - and at what annual rate?

What I found is this.

What is happening now? What’s the data?

Next, the numbers of foreigners getting citizenship does not seem significant in the context of the total number of people in the State.

And the process seems to be slowing down.

Looking at births…

77% of babies were born to Irish mothers with just over 10% of babies being born to mothers from the UK or other EU nations.

So 13% of births or just under 8000 babies born to non-EU mums.

Is this significant?

What other metrics should we be considering in this debate?


You could always start here -


13% to non-EU mothers …yes, thats significant IMO.
22% of all children born here annually are to non-Irish mothers from the last figures I’ve seen


Listening to the comments on Newstalk this morning - especially the Pat Kenny show - leaves me in no doubt that the public mood has changed on this whole issue. The texts and emails convey a strong impression that the penny has dropped that we’re being taken for a ride. One texter asked: “Who is driving this agenda? Who is behind it all?” Pat let it hang in the air for a moment…

The farcial situation with the so called "Kurds "found in Rosslare, most of whom seem to have now disappeared into thin air probably has something to do with it.

Newstalk are running a week of reports on the Direct Provision system but so far the planned sympathy-inducing interviews have backfired. One woman who rocked up from South Africa with three kids two months ago beamoaning the fact that her children haven’t been placed in a school. (Try and move house anywhere within Ireland in September withing warning and see how long it takes you to get a place for your kids in school.)

I won’t even get started on Colm O’Gorman’s contributions yesterday morning, also on Newstalk!