Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?


Full capacity ? Then take no more


And here’s one of the residents of the Hotel named above…(a complete coincidence of course that RTE and Irish Times have been lobbying for this guy’s case to be fast-tracked ahead of others…)

However, he is optimistic that his wife and baby boy will get a visa to come to Ireland.

He appealed for his case to be considered on a humane level and for the Government’s help.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has been asked to intervene in the case so that Mr Sanai’s asylum claim can be dealt with swiftly.


Oops…the whole thing was a scam. Fake news folks. You wouldn’t be up to them wily asylum seekers and their comrades in the RTE/Irish Times lobby.

In a statement on Saturday, a spokesman for the Department of Justice said the “footage circulating appears to have been staged”.

“Hotel management has informed the department that last night, a number of residents moved themselves from their assigned rooms into the room shown in the video,” the spokesman said.

The video footage “does not represent the reality” of conditions in the accommodation, and “residents involved have been asked to return to their allocated rooms,” he said.

“Similar claims were made about the accommodation in the hotel last Autumn and subsequent department inspections confirmed that the accommodation arrangements at the hotel had been misrepresented in a staged video at that time,” he added.

There must be red faces at the Irish Times today - it’s the second time this scam has been pulled. This from Oct

Patrick O’Connell
October 6 2019 2:30 AM
Secret recorded videos reveal how asylum seekers are being crammed - with as many as 10 beds packed into one room - at a hotel provided by the Department of Justice as emergency accommodation.

Videos recorded this week inside the East End Hotel in Portarlington, Co Laois, and show how wardrobes have been removed from bedrooms to fit in extra single beds in a bid to boost capacity.


I’m sure millions of people have legit and deserving asylum stories. Ireland can’t cater for the world and neither can Europe.


I’ve heard of plenty of brawls at nightclubs in Ireland but none that required a small army to restore order! It surely was newsworthy


I think the penny drops real hard when it’s appears that big tech platforms (youtube, twitter, facebook etc. etc.) operate like an invisible extension of the Governments will, when content that does not fit the official narrative disappears very quickly, but with a complete lack of any oversight these startling and shocking events captured by people on their camera phones day in day out across Ireland, the subsequent removal and it’s incredible swiftness, I think, has woken a lot of people up, confirms their suspicions or what they see with their own eyes.

I would link to some of the videos but I simply can not find them anymore.


Things must be bad when even the wokest, mass immigration Guardian reports on the Swedish nightmare (which clearly - has only just begun.)

According to data released this month by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, there were 257 crimes involving explosives in the country last year, a 60% rise on 2018. Gangland shootings are also shockingly high, with 320 reported last year, 41 of them fatal. As recently as Tuesday, there were twin explosions in two apartment buildings in a Stockholm suburb. The last blast in Malmö was on 10 January.

“These explosions in public places are a serious problem specific to Sweden,” Linda Staaf, the head of the Swedish National Police’s intelligence service, told the Observer “It’s not normal to see these kinds of explosions in a country without a war.”

The wave of bombings and shootings is boosting the populist Sweden Democrats and the centre-right opposition, and weighing down on the Social Democrat-led government.


Remember when few years back there was a lot of “In Sweden…” in the media :slight_smile:


Remember in the 90s it was politically fashionable in political discourse to be seen to be calling for how Ireland to be more like Sweden. Looks like that was the plan alright…


What a mess of an article!

No mention of mass immigration or the word ‘immigration’ at all…just a couple of mentions about integration.
And it’s all painted to look like a few family disputes that are behind most of it.

To be honest, I expected nothing less of The Guardian


Asylum seeker who claimed to be gay man fleeing death threats fathered two children with Irish woman, court hears


  • Paul Caffrey

  • 3 Feb 2020, 7:30

AN asylum seeker who claimed to be a gay man fleeing death threats in a “complete fabrication” later fathered two children with an Irish woman, the High Court has heard.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan is locked in a drawn-out legal battle to have the supposedly homosexual African deported as soon as possible.

The Irish woman has since started a new relationship — but her asylum seeker ex claims he must be allowed to stay for the sake of his children, the court heard.

He’s already spent over a decade in Ireland and took up employment here.

He posed as a refugee who “had a homosexual relationship with a person whose family was threatening to kill him” in an anti-LGBT West African country, the court heard.

Sarah Cooney, the Justice Minister’s junior counsel, told the court: “That was complete fabrication.”


She said he gave “misleading and totally untruthful information” to the authorities, and the State still isn’t sure what his real name is.

He’s believed to have used a series of false names, aliases and ages over the years. The Department of Justice now believes the mystery man is Nigerian — though he originally claimed to be from a different West African country.

Ms Cooney said: “We’re really still in the dark as to who this person is.”

He’s currently being held in Cloverhill Prison. And Robert Barron SC, the Justice Minister’s top asylum brief, urged the court to immediately order the man’s deportation.

The failed asylum seeker is challenging his deportation in a case against the Minister.


Mr Barron told the court: “It’s of great importance that the immigration system isn’t made a mockery of. A false claim for asylum makes a complete mockery of the system.

“There’s no claim of harm to this man if he’s deported. There’s no claim that the children will have to go with him.

“There is no need for this man to remain in this country.”

The Department of Justice first issued a deportation order against him in 2015 — but they couldn’t find the man at that time. The order was reissued last August.

The State is still unable to boot him out due to the ongoing court challenge.

Judge Richard Humphreys hasn’t yet decided the case, and is awaiting further input from Minister Flanagan on the Irish-born children issue before he does. A final decision is expected on February 10.

The current bun


Man squatting at asylum centre had €500,000 in his account

A 40-year-old man who was “squatting” at an asylum centre while he allegedly had access to €500,000 has been refused bail on charges related to a money laundering investigation.

John Sankeni, with no fixed address, appeared before Judge John Lindsay at Dublin District Court on Friday following his arrest by members of the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau.

He faced two charges of theft of €4,500 and €1,500 from a Greek Shipping company at a bank in west Dublin on July 7th, 2016. He also had a connected charged for failing to give gardaí his correct address.

He was arrested on Thursday as he attended the offices of the Garda National Immigration Bureau in Dublin city-centre in relation to immigration matters.

He was then brought to Irishtown Garda station where he was charged.

Garda Sean Byrne said the accused replied “Okay” after each charge was put to him. Further charges in relation to money laundering will be brought, Garda Byrne said.

He objected to bail citing concerns the accused was a flight risk and had access to €500,000 in a bank account.


This could be interesting…expect those fences and walls to go up again on the Eastern European borders…

Mr Erdogan’s announcement delivered on his long-standing threat to let refugees into the continent as thousands of migrants gathered at Turkey’s border with Greece.

Mr Erdogan said Turkey would not stand in the way of refugees and migrants already in the country who hope to head to Europe.

“We will not close the gates to refugees,” he said. “The European Union has to keep its promises. We are not obliged to look after and feed so many refugees.”


Greek statement after National Security meeting. ‘This movement has nothing to do with international asylum law’


It’s sickening that I pay Ciara’s wages


But things in Georgia are absolutely fabulous


A thought provoking video.


The French at least released the details

Will be interesting if the British do the same


Its interesting. And now we have a young generation of 10s of thousands of doctors, nurses, ancillary and clinical support personal, putting themselves in harms way to try save the lives of a predominately older generation, irrespective of politics, colour or creed, just in Ireland alone, never mind Europe and the US.

I find this focus on “woke” to be odd. Its like some people see this as a brand new threat, or a brand new movement to join.

I just see “woke” as another iteration in civil rights, going right back to the 60s. We’re just in another cycle, with the same arguments, for and against, with one generation pitted against an earlier one. Nothing new. This cycle is a damn bit more civilised however, believe it or not.


Civil rights where a demographic is unequal under the law is a ‘liberal’ cause in the original sense of the word.
Political lobbying for preferential treatment of a demographic that has attained equality under the law (not equal outcomes in a society) to introduce inequality into the law is illiberal in every sense.
The fact that it might be the same demographic that you are lobbying for in both cases just means that civil rights and equality are not intrinsic to your beliefs but merely a narrative tool to achieve preferential treatment.
If you desire equal outcomes across society then political and legislative action to achieve this is the antithesis of civil rights.