Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?


They really really are going for it.

How do you take over a a state, a country and a people?

Simples, the modern method is to tell everyone to stay inside or else they will die or kill other people an if you do not behave, you will die or be arrested.

Pay the population off with fiat money to take back later in tax. While enacting draconian laws suspending constitutional liberties, ending the republic in all but name, attempt things that you would never get a mandate for all in the name of the “crisis”, such as, bringing in more social-troops under the rainbow banner of State administered Love… that’s all a bit mad Ted, sounds too much like a conspiracy theory!!!.

No wonder Peolosi came over to talk to the Dail and Varadkar met Obama in secret. Ireland is the Democratic party model and wet dream.

Welcome to the final stage of the Globalist Coup Ireland, you’re being Kung Flu’d.


Well Charlie has lost his Citizenship ceremonies. For now.

Got to keep the numbers flowing ya know, cha ching


I’d bet good money that those figures are being deliberately understated and the actual numbers are north of double that…40,000 approx


Exactly, and there is no need to be so pessimistic ya freakin’ conservative, at least 100,000!

Car-chung ca-Ching Ching! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

However, dealing with the thin-end-wedge figures of 17K, min hit to exchequer in a year, ballpark, probably €1Bn potential when they all load onto the welfare system, from that base adding in family reunification jive-o potential it’s Goodbye Goodbye O! Goodbye Goodbye O! Crying Racists and Bigots, Goodbye Goodbye O :partying_face:.


Wake up Paddy. Your kids and grandkids will be a (hated and oppressed?) minority in their own country by 2050. :suicide:


Complaint made over Healy Rae link to direct provision hotel

A complaint has been lodged with the clerk of the Dáil over the failure of Michael Healy Rae to declare his interest in the company that ran the hotel in Caherciveen, Co Kerry at the centre of the controversy about a direct provision centre.

The Kerry TD had a 25% share in a company, the Skellig Hotel Experience, that held the lease to the hotel in 2019. This company was sold to in December 2019 to businessman, Paul Collins, who runs three other direct provision centres. The Irish Examiner understands that Mr Healy Rae invested €25,000 in the Skellig Hotel Experience company in January 2019 for his shares.

The current complaint was lodged last week by film- maker and former general election candidate, Norma Burke, who laid out five grounds, including three allegations that he had not declared the grocery store company in earlier years and that he had made a false declaration in the 2018 register that he was director of the Skellig Hotel Experience.

She also complained that he had not declared his shareholding in the company if it exceeded the €13,000 threshold.
“Ethics in politics needs a major overhaul,” Ms Burke told the Irish Examiner.

“We were promised reform and we haven’t seen it and this is part of the culture.”

The Skellig Star Hotel has been at the centre of controversy since an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus there last month.

When the controversy arose, Mr Healy Rae initially declared he wasn’t involved in the leasing of the hotel in 2019 but he subsequently accepted that the Skellig Hotel Experience held the lease.

He has remained adamant that he had no knowledge that it would be converted to a direct provision centre.

On Wednesday, the Minister for Justice apologised to the people of Caherciveen over how the centre was opened.

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