Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?


That is for sure not happening in Ireland. It’s not like we have a glut of unused hotels built across the island due to a tax incentive scheme that confused some or raised questions as to it’s utility.


I’m sure if there was some underhanded public/private partnership scheme operating (a merger between state and corporate power) in this domain, anti-fa would have identified it and be protesting loudly.

Since this hasn’t occurred, we can only assume there is no corruption in Ireland in this area…:no_mouth:

{sarcastic comment off}


Yes it most certainly has not happened. Not even once. In any Hotel. Anywhere in Ireland. 24/7. Spanning years. Currently.

Why if Ireland had such bare naked capacity. Then the obvious thing would have been to utilise it to create isolated C19 hospitals. Overnight!

A hundred James Connolly Hospitals across the land, invoked by the power of Statutory Instrument and Simon Harris would be our later-day Noel Brown, and you can be sure, if that could have been done, it would have been done, if we had such empty facilities, as hotels, they would have been commandeered, after rapid deep cleaning, and retrofitting at war time pace, to leave the island, untouched by lockdown, steered well pass the cliffs of economic penury, an orderly, visionary, requisition of fortuitous bed-capacity deployed to active duty in our war against the invisible enemy for good of all.


Did the IT report the on the conviction of a Nigerian refugee who raped a 73 year old woman with Alzheimers, I don’t see the story on their website, was it it the print edition ? they won’t get a penny from me again

If they won’t publish plain and simple facts like that, then why would they publish any honest option piece about our open borders policy by Waters or anyone else


No mention of it on either. It’s the kind of news story our corrupt mainstream media continually bury. Almost unbelievably it was reported on BBC News.


Is this not it?


In the BBC the convicted man is identified and his nationality is also given, but in the paper of record these salient facts are omitted. Why?


’Furious’ Priti Patel backs sending the Royal Navy to tackle migrant crisis after 235 - including a heavily pregnant woman and a tiny baby - are caught making the perilous Channel crossing in ONE day

  • Up to 235 migrants crossed the channel on Thursday, the highest ever daily total
  • More migrants have reached Britain already this year than in the entirety of 2019
  • Nearly 4,000 migrants made the crossing in boats in the first 219 days of 2020

A ‘furious’ Priti Patel last night backed sending Royal Navy patrols into the English Channel after a record number of migrants reached Britain.

Officials have been ordered to draw up plans in which, for the first time, the Navy could turn back boats.

Yesterday 235 migrants in 17 vessels made the perilous crossing – the highest daily total since the crisis began, surpassing the previous record of 202 set on Thursday last week.

The number who have reached Britain so far this year is now already double the total who arrived in the whole of 2019.

Yes yes it’s the Daily Mail


That could prove very “interesting” as Nigel Farage, amongst others, has claimed that the French Coast Guard are already shepherding them out to the middle of the channel to ensure they leave French waters.
So will we see a stand off where neither side will allow them to land?


UK government ministers to discuss the issue with the French authorities.


It’s interesting to observe the media management on this

  • Farage & Nationalist Twitter noticed the cover-up and publicized it.
  • Patel etc are shamed into making blustering empty statements about how France should fingerprint & deport them (why can’t UK?)
  • the 10 o’clock BBC news last night or night before had 2 lines about it. But pointedly showed no footage

Britain didn’t sign up to UN refugee conventions with the understanding there’d be Africans and Arabs floating across from peaceful France. The only solution is to withdraw from those conventions. But of course the Globalist British Establishment couldn’t countenance that.

There’s a Brexity feel to this. Farage should push for a Referendum on asylum conventions.


Balbriggan has been culturally enriched and white flight has already begun. No mention of any of this on mainstream media though.


Balbriggan seems to be permanently featured over on for all the wrong reasons, for what seems years. A house went on fire yesterday. Possibly drug related.

I also see a few pages in on this thread there some confirmation that Taxi Driving, was eligible for the Back To Work Enterprise scheme until it was taken off, I wonder when it was made eligible, 5 years ago, 10 years ago or longer?

The house fire is also covered here on


The house that was burnt down was being rented by some African drug dealers apparently. House prices will plummet and it’ll turn into a ghetto.


Interesting test case. Well done. It seems. More please

Isis fighter Alexandr Bekmirzaev is stripped of Irish citizenship

Justice minister acts after evidence that Alexandr Bekmirzaev underwent 2001 marriage of convenience

A man who left Ireland to fight for Isis in Syria in 2013 has had his citizenship revoked by Helen McEntee, the justice minister.

Alexandr Bekmirzaev, who obtained Irish citizenship in 2010, 11 years after immigrating from Belarus, is the first person to be affected since the Department of Justice put in place a mechanism to strip people of their status last year.

Bekmirzaev, who was captured by Kurdish forces in 2017 and whose whereabouts are unknown, is understood to have lost his citizenship after the department concluded his marriage to a British woman in Ireland in 2001 was one of “convenience”. Bekmirzaev’s citizenship was granted nine years later on foot of that marriage, which “dissolved” soon afterwards.


Migrants ‘offered gold, silver and bronze packages’ to get to the UK as 112 more refugees cross the Channel

More than 100 migrants crossed the Channel yesterday, as it was reported that trafficking gangs are targeting vulnerable people with “gold, silver or bronze package deals” to get into Britain.

Fixers are touting different pricing options from a camp in [Calais], France, with lower-cost options starting at £1,000, and rising to £10,000, [The Sun] reported.

Variables such as weather conditions, boat model and the captain’s previous successful trip history are all allegedly taken into consideration when the cost is calculated.


It’s literally all military aged men arriving in Britain. No women or kids.
It’s an invasion.


Yawn. Stop the broken record.

Pictures showed young children being lifted from boats by Border Force officers at the Port of Dover.

Roger Gough, leader of KCC, said the authority was “under some considerable pressure” due to the arrival of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

He said 65 children were taken into its care in May, 85 in June, and 70 in July.

A Border Force vessel intercepted the inflatable boat carrying 11 men, four women and four children at about 02:45 GMT.

Among them was a group of 15, including children and a heavily pregnant woman, that landed on a beach in Kent.

If this is a military aged man he’s probably not in tip-top fighting condition:


It turns out there are children and then there are also “children”.


The BBC is the propaganda wing of the UK shadow government. Absolutely not a reliable source of news and they’ll do their utmost to find the lone pregnant woman amongst hundreds of men. For all we know that photo could’ve been taken five years ago in Turkey.

Their definition of children differs drastically to mine. All I’ve seen from the video footage I’ve watched is hoards of military aged men arriving on blow up mattresses.