Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?



Image credit is Susan Pilcher, who is a photographer from Kent. Photo caption is: A woman photographed in Dungeness, Kent, on Thursday appeared to be heavily pregnant. I presume “for all we know” is your standard excuse for not bothering your hole to investigate anything that doesn’t match your prejudices.

Yeah, where was that? … You keep dissing the BBC and never mention your own sources.

Oh wait. You did – RT International. So your source is a Russian state-owned organisation. And even then you could only dig up a two year old story from Sweden to back up your claim that “it’s literally all military aged men arriving in Britain”. I reckon you’re so far down the rabbit hole the heat has evaporated whatever critical faculties you possessed (if indeed you ever had any). You come across like someone who has been brainwashed by a cult.


I might wager no one can say for certain there are no “children” attendant in the Irish education system at second level.


I’ve watched live footage of the new arrivals and I literally saw no women or kids. Perhaps they arrive on a separate blow up mattress or dinghy at the dead of night when nobody’s watching.

Thanks for your concern but I can assure you that I’m in full possession of all of my faculties.


That’s impressive that you watched all the migrants arriving live. I guess with the current “plandemic” you must have a lot of time on your hands, not to mention extraordinary surveillance systems. Or maybe that was on Russia Today also? Anyway, it’s good to know you’re keeping track of the invasion and their inflatable gunboats. If you ever do spot any women make sure they get swabbed for nitrates just in case there’s any explosives masquerading as unborn children.


I posted an article from RT that was also published in numerous other publications. Not sure if you’re in a position to cast aspersions…you’re posting articles from BBC and CNN ffs. No wonder you’re so far gone.
Which other news sources do you consume P…? Huff Post, WaPo, Snopes, Salon, Buzzfeed, Vice? :yum:


That’s your echo chamber booming in your ears and drowning out everything else again. Anyone not in your echo chamber is a cultural Marxist BLM-supporting pinko commie, right? Actually I’m an unapologetic rightwinger, just not a conspiracy nut. Just as likely to be on as Not that the former doesn’t have flaws including, right now, a tendentious article on “mandatory” vaccinations in Australia. I’m critical of every source. But I reserve special ire for wacko paranoia such as invasions of fighting age men arriving on Kent beaches in blow-up gunboats disguised as dinghies.



Pregnant refugees landing on a Spanish beach…




Will my D2/4/6/7/9 properties go down in value now?


Maybe they should start turning them back!


Not sure. But if you have any North Inner City slums you won’t be short of tenants. But your income tax bill will surely rise


Diversity is our strength …or something. :roll_eyes:


Newstalk’s Hard Shoulder programme this eve had a piece on the asylum centre in Abbeyleix this evening. Ciaran Cuddihy was like a happy clappy seal pup whilst asking the ‘hard’ questions to his colleague.
Summary is that all is great in the town, everyone loves the place, not one local could be found that had a bad word to say about the place. The reporter even went on to name other towns where locals were afraid at first of a new asylum centre but now all welcome the diversity they bring to the town!

So there you go!


Don’t mind the occasional decapitation, gang rape,sexual assault on kids, terrorist attack, destruction of Christian churches and cathedrals, beheading etc. Just think of all that delicious ethnic food they’ve introduced us to. :suicide:


Seems parents issued a Fatwah on the Civics teacher and posted his identity online.

A few rotten apples etc.


It turns out the terrorist was Chechen refugee (born in Moscow) his family tried to claim asylum in Poland but were rejected, the French are really slow learners at this point


Earlier on Wednesday, the prosecutor, Jean-François Ricard, said that among seven people facing potential charges of association with criminal terrorists and complicity in a terrorist assassination were two pupils, aged 14 and 15, accused of accepting €300-€350 (£270-£315) to point the teacher out to his killer.

Three of Anzorov’s friends, two of whom, aged 18 and 19, are suspected of driving him to the area and helping him buy a knife and other weapons, also face possible charges, the prosecutor said, as well as a parent at the school and an Islamist militant.

The French interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, has accused the parent – who exchanged WhatsApp messages and phone conversations with the killer in the days before the attack – and Sefrioui of issuing a “fatwa” against Paty.


“migrants” try to force entry into the UK, get taken into the UK by police after being removed from the ship by special forces.