Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?



Are you referring to the so-called “Dutch Somalis” who arrived as refugees in the Netherlands in the 1990s and, after becoming citizens, chose to move to England in the 2000s?

Oh right of course it was all a Dutch plot… :laughing:

Any evidence of this nefarious strategy?


I’m sure the Dutch were sorry to lose them


Meaning you’re just making shit up to suit your own narrative? Fair enough dude. :smiley:


Being born in Ireland is one way to be Irish I would have thought. Their parents not being allowed to work, not having a kitchen, living on a few quid a week, and the rest of the conditions of a miserable existence qualify as second class compared to the kids they are in school with.


just being born in Ireland is not enough

and since they are NOT citizens in any way, then I don’t see how you can call them second class citizens

when their case goes through the system they might then at some stage become citizens, and at that point they have the same rights as anyone


no, I spend plenty of time in London/UK and I wondered what the story was with the Somalis, so I asked a few people and they all gave the same answer

i.e the Dutch gave them passports to get rid of them, maybe that was not the plan, but its working out that way

clever people the Dutch


I don’t think this matters to the kids going to national and secondary schools all over the country. Even the Dept of Justice accepts that most of those in this system are staying and those kids are Irish and will get their passports at 18. This system is a fast track method of creating a ghetto for immigrants and asylum seekers, totally counterproductive except for establishing a punitive regime to discourage others from coming. That’s the main reason why it has not been reformed.


Gotta love a good conspiracy theory.

The Somalis who arrived in the Netherlands in the early 90s would have been naturalised after five years or so. After that they chose to move to Britain. There’s no plot.

What’s your problem with Somalis anyway?

  • More generous social welfare system and easier to claim.
  • Stricter employment laws in France compared to the UK, so easier to find work.


The Mail sez so, it must be tru.


I don’t read the Mail


Back in the boom days of 2002-2005 or so, 25% of all Nigerians that claimed asylum in an OECD country did so in little old Ireland!

Most be a hangover from when the Irish Empire ruled most of West Africa…or perhaps, it was something else that brought them here :nin


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You could probably measure the concentration of Creatinine in the water. It is excreted by all humans regardless of race or diet.

Creatinine is excreted at a relatively constant rate 14-26 mg per kg for Men and 11 - 20 mg per kg for women. If you knew the gender balance of your population in most cases that would be 50:50 then you could weigh the entire population that is pissing into the water by measuring the creatinine concentration. Knowing the average body weight of a citizen would allow you to know the population size with reasonable accuracy. The method could be validated and tested in institutions of known population and mass like prisons.


I thought creatinine excretion was on the up due to its extremely prevalent use as a sports supplement at all levels?

Edit: also see this paper on using biomarkers in sewage to estimate population: … 9711012800


Very interesting.


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These are big ranges though. If I take 100 men, weighing on average 75kg, I’ve an excretion rate of anywhere between 1.05g and 1.95g.

Edit: Mantissa’s paper makes this point with a review of previous studies.


Both language and job opportunities I’d expect. Among the West African countries, the British colonies were Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Gambia.
They all retain English as their official language. Most of the rest of west Africa is francophone.


And the laws as they stood were favourable and the ecoomy was obviously booming/ballooning

Seems we have very few applying now compared to other countries … of_(non-EU_asylum_applicants,2014(number,_rounded_figures)_YB15_III.png


Citizenship laws and the Welfare system would be the more likely reasons I’d suspect