Call for car parking fees at out-of-town shopping centres

Instead of abolishing parking charges in town/city centres … -1.1533105

well, duh…

The problem is with city center being too expensive, it is with the other guys being too cheap.
I propose an equalization tax to make the cheap stuff nice and expensive, everybody wins, except the consumer, he gets fleeced…again.

I like Ted Murray’s comment on the article

Carpark charges are not just to tax people, they are there to manage traffic also, so its not just a simple matter of abolishing town centre charges.
I think it’s a good idea

An Taisce’s full pre budget submission here, some good ideas … ssion.aspx

This is how I read their proposals …

I’d say the Shops subject to upwards-only rent reviews which FG said they would abolish will be really excited about the prospect of paying an out-sized rent for a shop which is to be substantially devalued by the implementation of pay-parking.

What are not cyclists taxed for use of the road?, those cycle paths and signs cost money to maintain.

The law of unintended consequences means a parking charge on out of town shopping centers will add another straw to city center retail as motorists will opt to pay one charge and do all their shopping in one location. The problem in the city centers is regulating traffic, more public transport cannot resolve the problem.

An Taisce should really come out and rebrand themselves as “na glasraí nua”.

Sorry to be a pedant but cars aren’t taxed for use of the road either - technically it’s motor tax not road tax.

i’ll see your pedantry and raise you:

It’s called motor tax because historically it was rated on the size of the motor in your car, it’s a tax on car ownership paid to local authorities supposedly for the purpose of maintaining roads.

So Boyracer is correct, cyclists and motorists are both users but cyclists don’t pay in the same ways (or at all) as motorists…

The right thing to do is abolish it and increase tax on petrol and diesel to compensate, then you are paying for use of the road.

So why dont we pay a motor tax on generators? Why? Because they arent used on public roads, thats the difference.

I`ll go one step further on the right thing to do, lamp motor tax on diesel and petrol but overall decrease fuel taxes so that overall there is no price change and cut spending to make the difference.

Don’t be giving the government ideas for new taxes.

Should we not also tax pedestrians then - footpaths cost money also and there’s a lot more of them than cycle lanes.

I have to say I totally agree. In the 80’s I used to have to go in to Dun Laoghaire to do some business. It was easy enough to get free parking there, go in and do your business and head out again. Then the DART commuters started to park in the town all day in the free places so I had to use the Georges St Shopping centre car park which was a pain to get in and out of. Then, finally, and to howls of anguish, they introduced parking charges. Suited me fine - at least I could find somewhere to park even if I had to pay for it. Managing parking costs money so I’m fine with Councils charging for it. Businesses in DL continually moan about how this affects their business - free short term parking for shoppers would be good - but I think business themselves would be the best people to create and manage this if they really want it.

It’s not paid to local authorities and it’s not for the purpose of maintaining roads.

So that wasn’t really raising the pedantry.

Edit: it’s collected by local authorities, but they don’t get to keep it. They send it to the Dept of the Environment. It’s not ring-fenced for road maintenance.

I’ve seen cats and dogs use the footpaths too; tax those furry freeloaders!

Here here and some of them do worse than just use them for commuting.

anyone else coming to the end of the road with this shithole ? seriously, I’ve seen the town I am from destroyed by the muppets in the council simply ignoring the realities ( cries of townfolk and business people )and pushing through their own agenda. Now it seems top government are following suit - dont know why I stay here, everyone I know is miserable.

Shure isn’t the craic mighty tho.