Call for disclosure of interests in property market

All commentators on property market should be asked to disclose any holdings they have in property or property related securities as well as their professional conflicts of interest. Maybe a website could be set up detailing who they are,what they own and what they are saying about property market. In america and uk anyone commenting on any security/asset class has to disclose their personal, family and employers holdings in that asset class.

quite frankly, it would be a lot easier to get a list of the transmittable diseases that is borne by each estate agent. :frowning:

It would be a great idea but they would never agree to it.

In one of the scandanavian countires the earnings of every person is viewable to all on the web I believe I just don’t know which one. Imagine that eh.

It all depends of what flavour of capitalisim / liberal democracy you like, we have the Roman Catholic Parish Pump Crem de EU triple fusion.

where on earth did you come up with this? am i missing something?

Im afraid i am going to have to call shenanigans on this.

you cant seriously believe that UK journalists commenting on the property market must disclose their property assets ?? anyway , to whom do they disclose this information?


maybe posters on the pin should kick start it and disclose their property holdings.

i’ll go first: i’ve got nathing

Geogiecasey Wrote

I guess that you are not an Irish Resident or else a Saint who has resisted all the advertisements on the telly from Banks etc on how we could not be happy without a table (or is it a sink) in your own house to have sex on.

The Private Sector Credit outstanding at the moment equates to each man, woman and child owing an average of C. €80,000. The bulk of the assets backing up this figure is housing stock, and we all know where that is going.

Georgie! the person that could not be tempted. Walk tall!

I ain’t got no gaff nyther… no personal or business loans either jsut a littel tinie bit of personal CC debt and a smig more of biz CC but I never pay interest soooo… I suppose I am virtually debt free. So I am wondering shoudl I stick around and end up having to pay for the mistakes of society at large even though I was a good sinner?

Merciful hour!.. Is there not a thread for this on… maybe we need our own one (or do we have one)

I wonder about this one too - having no debt of any kind and being self-employed, I am paying through higher taxes (on the self-employed) in two out of the last three budgets for increased mortgage interest relief!

I feel wracked by moral hazard. And out of pocket.

I got nothin either. Just a load of cash ready to jump into the property market when the price is right.
By the way Keith since I mentioned Evo Morales and a little quote on anti capitalistic stuff I assume you mean me. I would be center right. I just like morales, he is the small oppressed person making good. I vote PD, in particular I like Mary Harney. I hate all other parties in Ireland not for their politics but for their extreme incompetance and unearned huge salaries and the lack of accountability, justice etc. I’m not with any Indymedia (had to look them up) or SWP. Next time why not ask instead of whispering insinuations? :frowning:

think there is a thread , i think “introduce yourself” or something like that does it … but just so everyone knows … i have , you guessed it , 2 gaffs

haha, well, i’m 22 and just out of college so buying property was the last thing on my mind for the last few years

I’d call it a quadruple fusion dominated by the Washington Consensus economic plan.

Broadly that means as little regulation as possible, no national involvement in any market except to bail out rich failed businessmen with taxpayer dosh, low taxes on big business and wealthy people, as little job security as possible, and the lowest jobless payments you can get away with.

Vanilla government… a load of gollywogs if you ask me!