Call for emergency funding for unfinished developments

Call for emergency funding for unfinished developments → … 08875.html

The phrase throwing good money after bad comes to mind.

“The phrase throwing good money after bad comes to mind.”

Not so much as a red frigging cent should these shysters get…!

Development referred to:

I’m not saying its the case here,but certainly in some small towns there’s more than just the developer involved in these local estates, all the town “bigwigs” have a piece of the action.

Whoes going to give** me** an extra 10k to finish my driveway! BD

Cnoc Em Down

If finishing them cuts the losses, then it makes sense to fund the completion. It will also help to find a bottom to the market quicker. If the loans for these ghost estates has gone to NAMA, it is better to get part of the loan back rather than nothing. You can determine a price and sell them all before commencing any of he completion work. The prospective purchasers could be given a three month cooling off period on their contract to purchase.

National Follies Under Threat

All well and good,but WHO do we sell them to ?

Are there ANY “prospective purchasers” in Drumshanbo,let alone enough to fill even a small development as the featured one ?

There was never a “Market” for these types of development in such places,so finding a floor is easy…its ZERO…Null Point.

It may have been possible for EA`s to use MS Paint during the final phase of the bubble in order to portray downtown Drumshanbo as some form of “Lower East Side” throbbing environment,but I suspect the Locals would never in a million years buy into it and the only other “prospective Purchasers” would be the folks that built them…and they are wintering abroad at the moment.

Knoc Em Down is about the most apt re-naming as it illustrates an option which will have to be grasped in an increasing number of cases…we will need agricultural land…we cannot eat concrete.