Callely arrested over mobile phone receipts


Its being discussed in at least 2 threads so I thought it deserved its own.

AFAIK this was a good bit more than inflating a mileage claim or bending the spirit of a rule that had no definitions. What he “allegedly” did here was fake an invoice for approx 3000 euro from a company which ceased trading and had been de-listed by the CSO for a couple (4?) years. The previous owner had no knowledge or participation in the fraud and I believe was one of the original complaints to the Oireachtas once it became known.

Callely promptly paid the 3k back

Essentially if true he would have had to deliberately fake the letter head paper etc and submit a completely knowingly fraudulent claim for 3k.


Any chance of this happening?


Not a chance!

This is Ireland after all, we don’t do white collar crime.


Not a hope…
Here you would hear a judgement along the lines of…

“while it may be considered that Mr Callely incorrectly submitted his expenses, the court feels that his strong standing in the community and the fact the sum has been repaid mean a lenient judgement be passed. I submit that Mr Callelys’ pension be increased three fold!”

(*clearly this has been proposed as an entirely fictitious scenario and in no way should be considered as anything but a joke!)


I hope he charged VAT…


Would that add additional tax charges onto him ?


My potentially faulty memory is that he managed to obtain old or copied headed paper after the demise of the company, and the submission of the claims was exactly as you said, a seemingly knowingly fraudulent one. But I do stand to be corrected.


Could he be breaching the advertising standards here?


High profile arrests will be the extent of sheeple distraction for all bond sales from here on
McAteer arrested in Nov, day before the last sale


Released !!as predicted by several posters

J3sus wept

While Mrs Mop who robs a loaf of bread does time.

Hung drawn and quartered would be too good for him.


Who was it before that? Is this not the third such styled deceit?

I am no longer angry with these people to be honest. I pity them. I pity their world view. I pity their sense of delusion and waste of life they spend holding onto a most corrupt and malfunction perception that leads them to believe what they are engaged in is of any consequence.

They should be endlessly thankful for our greater pity for now.


Wonder what it will take for them to release the findings of the Mahon Tribunal … WWIII ?


They’ll arrest Bertie Ahern to distract from the Rapture.


Nothing to see here


Most outside onlookers must reckon the Rapture has already happened in Ireland … judging by the number of empties. That would mean we’re in the Great Tribulation now. Hmmmm… could be something in that.


Whatever else he is, he is an idiot:

  • The company no longer existed
  • The headed paper had 6-digit phone and fax numbers on it
  • He submitted the claim in punts

I have the feeling that every time he opens his mouth he decreases the sum sum of human knowledge.


So seeing you are not a Pretribulationist, are you a Midtribulationist or a Posttribulationist?


Oh, definitely a Seventh Trumpet Tribulationist. I mean … how cool does that sound ?!


You’re forgetting the corker about the ‘regular residence’ saga/fiasco … the civil servants who processed his expenses queried on a number of occasions whether he wanted to keep the pretence up that he lived in Cork, & gave him the opportunity to change his residence to Dublin.