Callely arrested over mobile phone receipts


Finally an admission of guilt.


A clown, a cheat and a chancer - why do we seem to nurture such absolute idiots
in this Gathered Nation - is it something in the burgers!?!??


He’s been arrested again


ivor getting arrested over his expenses is as regular as Donie cassidy day :open_mouth:


But getting brought before a court, charged and then remanded on bail makes this an arrest of a different order, no?


Anyone know what address he gave?
Presumably he’s back to living nearer the Dail if he’s up before a Dublin court!


The Dublin one, Clontarf is it?



In fairness Ivors crime leaves him in the ha-penny place compared to the strokes (most undetected probably) pulled by others in Political life.


He wouldn’t - would he??? :laughing:


Ivor Callely appears in court in relation to fraud charges … -1.1394138


Judge Mary Ellen Ring is the one who jailed Justice Heather Perrin, so hopefully she has no fear of the establishment.


Ivor is the Establishment now! I like to think he’s the lowest ranking one they could afford to 8- over

#53 … -1.1456856


He must’nt have liked the West Cork air…I see he’s got a Dublin address again!


He goes to court on 24th March 2014. … 61454.html


Judgment reserved in Callely appeal … lly-court/

No date for the judgement given


Breaking news:

Callely has pleaded guilty over expenses claim…

Source: RTE Radio



I’d love it, love it, if he got a custodial sentence…What did the Garlic guy get 7 years…
Soap on a rope for Ivor…


Reports say he faces a fine and/or up to 12 years

“I will not fall into despair! I will keep myself hardy until freedom is opportune!”


He’ll get a fine/ community service for pleading guilty of course.