Callely arrested over mobile phone receipts


The evidence against him must have been so overwhelming to prompt a guilty plea.


But not the taxpayers money required to; collect evidence, question who knows how many people, prepare a book of evidence, run this thru the DPP, arrest & formally charge him, schedule a court date, hire barristers, & then finally when faced with the evidence decide that he should plea …


Ah the swift hand of justice… Two years and two months since this tread started


In fairness - and it pains me…

As far as I know the man sentenced today for the rape of two girls in the Midlands is the first or at least one of very, very few, to plead guilty in the District Court to an indictable offence and deny his right to a book of evidence and go straight for sentence in the Circuit Court. It is highly unusual.


Will the conviction present any legal barriers to Callelly running for president in the future? I’d imagine that avoiding a custodial sentence is a big benefit to that plan


I’m not sure about the legal side but could you ever stand in front of the electorate again after pleading guilty to those charges, I don’t think so.


Not a conviction, but then the underlying wrongdoing was much more grave, and it didn’t stop Charlie going on to great things:


I think gunrunning and forging mobile phone invoices are just totally incomparable.


You might have a point… now, I’m not saying Ivor did this, but what if someone engaged in gunrunning, and then put the receipts for the guns (I’m sure any reputable arms dealer will give you a receipt, for your warranty like) through the expenses system as if they were mobile phone receipts?

Or what if it turned out that the arms dealer was gone out of business years before, so the guns-invoices were actually forged weapons receipts and being submitted as if they were mobile phone expenses?

(…thinking closer to consensus reality… would it be wrongdoing for a TD to buy a mobile phone every year as allowed, submit the receipts, and then sell it on ebay? Could even buy the phone to order and/or use in campaigning (i.e. your local TD could go to one of the undecided voters in his constituency and offer them a mobile phone of their choice for say 90% of retail price: he’d then buy the phone, and claim it on expenses, then sell it for 90% of price to the constituent. The TD now has 90% of a phone in cash, the constituent has a brand new mobile phone at a 10% discount, and the TD should have one more sure vote come next election. One snag… I’m not sure if you can expense phone unlocking through the Dail expenses system?))


AFAIK a TD can do what he likes with his free phone. Vote buying is definitely illegal in Ireland (although there are ways around it).

Not sure what point you’re making about invoices for guns.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It’s more the receipts than the invoices.



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Supreme Court allows Seanad appeal over Callely


So does this mean he gets away scot free?


I think you’ve got it backwards.

Callely challenged the Seanad committee’s decision & right to suspend him over the ‘normal place of residence’ in the High Court, & he won.

The Seanad then challenged the High Courts decision to the Supreme Court, & now they’ve won, i.e. the Supreme Court has overturned the High Court ruling, so now we’re back with the original committee decision. Now in addition to paying for a High Court challenge, Ivor gets to pay back the 80k expenses, & 20 days pay for the suspension !



Interesting that it was a split decision. … enDocument … nd=1&Seq=1
So the decision and also the 3 disenting are all published.

  • Anyone care to summarise the fundamentals of the main decision and the three disenting?
  • Anyone got a handle on how much this has all cost ?


Sentencing due today…


Callely blamed fraud on friend who took own life, court told … 52492.html


Ivor Callely … classy to the last … Cunt !



What a douchenozzle.