Callely arrested over mobile phone receipts


It wasn’t my fault, I was sad…

No end to the depravity of the north Dublin FF mindset. They really do think they’re different…


It’s cases like this where it strikes you that the Defendant ( & belatedly), the self-confessed guilty party, gets to trot in a Priest to tell the Judge what a nice fellow he is, & how he’s had a rough couple of years…

… but there’s no right of reply for the tax payers to point out to the Judge that this piece of shit swore oaths on two occasions to serve the people, & he has pissed all over these oaths, & that an example needs to be made to leave others in no doubt of the consequences of their actions.

Oh, & he repeatedly committed perjury in his ‘defense’, slandered a death person, & cost the self same taxpayer he has now admitted to defrauding God know how much by bring this case this far before finally admitting the truth.

Anything less than a couple of years inside for Ivor is a yet another insult to the poor suffering citizens of this banana republic


Just his luck to get Justice Ring, she who jailed Justice Heather Perrin.


Callely jailed for 5 months - no link yet


Beat me to it!


Do you think he’ll be able to smuggle a phone into jail ?


A small step in the right direction.


Should have taken a bet on this…5 months.



The justice system in this country seems to be just weird. Yes, he should do time but why do the lads with 50 previous convictions get to walk?


I would say that as he is “bricking it”, this would be impossible… :laughing:


It’s good that the judge in the case, Mary Ellen Ring, took into account the fact that Callely was a public representative and in breach of that public trust, when she was considering what sentence would be appropriate.


Mick Wallace must be thrilled he didn’t swindle the state out of such a small amount.


Just a reminder from 2011 Indo:
Callelys own 19 properties after decade of investments


Is this an “other people were worse” plea, or does someone know stuff about stuff? Pity they haven’t the gumption to come out and make it public.


I’d say it’s more in the vein of “don’t hang me completely out to dry or if i’ve nothing to loose ill start sqwaking”(sic)


The solicitor was on Joe Duffy yesterday. Disgusting pleading from the presenter and the solicitor.


That’s a rather bizarre statement from a Solicitor. A quick Google of his name is very interesting. I wonder though, if he knows of wrong doing, is he not obliged to report it?


Indeed, so there is an admittance that they may posses knowledge of at least two more people involved or formerly involved in political life who have possibly broken some laws. Ok so let’s hear it.


That’s not how it works. Once you tell all you know you have no bargaining chips left.
You hold onto your chips and see what favours come your way.

On a completely unrelated note, when is the Ivan Yates book due to be published?