Callely arrested over mobile phone receipts

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I believe that such transfers are frequently reversed.


‘Petty jailing of Ivor Callely smacks of tokenism’ - Joe Horgan -> … f-tokenism


Callely - High Court challenge for refusal of temporary remission:

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So it seems O’Keeffe’s seven month sentence was suspended. And if I’m reading it right, he actually defrauded more than Callely. Doesn’t seem very evenhanded. Unless Callely’s being punished for all the accommodation expenses that they never managed to pin on him.

Also, why does something like this require “a two year investigation”? It’s a bunch of phone receipts for god’s sake, not a global criminal conspiracy.


Guilty plea counts for a lot.

IIRC, though, seven months means disbarred from public office whether suspended or not?


Yeah, who does the party think they are? They wrecked the country, now they won’t even stand by their own millionaire involved in a bit of oul’ grubby expense fiddling.


News: Minister’s decision on Callely’s release quashed by High Court.


While I have nothing but contempt for Callely this decision shines a very damning light on the Minister for Justice.


As of this edition of their article they’ve not mentioned the name of the minister (Frances Fitzgerald) once, I find it hard to believe RTE would have avoided mentioning the name had it been Alan Shatter. As this relates to an older decision it could easily lead to confusion over who was involved.


Positive discrimination


Confusion with whom, Nora Owen? Máire Geoghegan-Quinn? :laughing:


Yes, I’d imagine SF will be quicker to let prisoners out early if they get their hands on the Minister of Justice posiition, a general amnesty perhaps on the cards?


Sale agreed for more than €4m on prime seafront site once owned by politician - -> … 95006.html


SF? Sherry Fitzgerald? And what prisoners are you talking about?

The point here, which you clearly missed, is that the rules for remission are supposed to be applied without political fear or favour. The current FG Minister for Justice has interfered with that process.

Anyway, how is everything going with Identity Ireland? The mask has slipped there.


Identity Ireland? That’s a good one, I thought you lot want to smear me as an Indo-reading arch-Unionist? Which is it?
I have more cop on and self-respect not to vote for the loony right in the same way as I have more cop on and self-respect not to vote for those parties who members thought (and stil think) that planting bombs in pubs and shops was a good idea.


I’m not sure what you hope to achieve. It’s just stirring up hatred.

Your gang’s reaction to Sinn Fein running a black candidate said more about you guys than them.

And I have repeatedly said that I’m not a member of any political party. Why do you keep on suggesting that I am? It gets a bit tiresome.


Where the fck did that poster come from…

Sickening bad taste/joke


I’m sure this is all very amusing, but what’s it got to do with a greasy toerag on the fiddle?