Callely arrested over mobile phone receipts


I believe that can cause quite nasty fiddle hickeys. Better to use a clean one if at all possible.


When you challenge SF or any of their fanboys they start to throw all this diversionary crap around.


Coles2, you are implying that Caledonia supports Identity Ireland. I hope you have a citation for that and are not just mud-slinging.


Oh? Irony much? I don’t remember anyone asking for a citation whenever I get labelled a Sinn Fein member despite repeatedly stating that I’m not. Indeed if I recall correctly you yourself are usually at the forefront of such statements.

Anyway, caledonia clearly stated that he supports them out of his own self respect.


In fairness, that was probably a Freudian slip.


It’s deja vu all over again 8DD

Can someone give Ivor some receipts so he can get the nasty Judge off his back :unamused:


Ivor needs a few quid for his annual romp with totty on a boat down in Cork, surely some mean judge won’t deprive him of that. ???


Bench warrant issue for Callely for not turning up in court over a €1,755 debt


Have the peelers got him yet???


Surely you don’t expect the guards to leak it if they have…


So Ivor decided to pay his debts, rather than give the courts a complete, & presumably, sworn, statement of his financial state.

Perhaps he’s learned his lesson about signing off on financial documents without first ensuring their complete accuracy :angry:

On the other hand, I’d say the chances of him being in the courts again in the future over some similar incident is about 99.999%, leopards & their spots, & all that …


If that’s true, there’s no way that €1,750 is even close to the true cost of seven court appearances for the firm trying to recoup their money.

He should be fined at least 10 times that amount. And be jailed if he doesn’t pay up in short order.

Legal system here is a joke for anyone trying to recover bad debts.


#134 … 88007.html

Callely admits teabagging!


Truth being stranger than fiction has never been more true, if you made this up no-one would believe you. Next I think he might establish a nudist christian cult with it’s spiritual home is Syria, or announce he’s seeking funding for a company to compete with Tesla - literally anything is possible


When it comes to all matters Ivor,I constantly get the feeling I’ve temporarily slipped into an alternative reality.