Callely did not declare seven of his properties to watchdog

Like the thread title says, Ivor wasn’t exactly forthcoming about all his interests in property.
Sure no wonder he was confused about his address and had to claim all that mileage

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It puzzled them did it?

What did they do about it??

Fuck all is what they did about it,they scratched their heads,got another cup of tea and spent the morning punching way above their weight by attempting the crosaire.

It would be funny if it wasnt true.

Any-one hear Ray Darcy this morning. He is Hold the Ivor Callelly Inagrual Muppet of The Year Award. For being a Muppet like.

Has he left the country?

This guy is some lemon, and he wonders why he wasn’t returned in the last election…

[mod edit: nothing proven :unamused: we have to wait for the wheels of justice :unamused: ]

The register of members’ interests is itself a farce, being only released THREE MONTHS after the end of the year that it covers.
This means that a TD can acquire a big bunch of shares/stocks in January, but voters will not be told about it until April of the following year, when the register is finally made public, a full FIFTEEN months later!!!
And if that TD then dumps the shares within the same year, their ownership of them will NEVER show up on the register AT ALL because the register only shows what the TD held at the end of the year!!!
What an opportunity for shady dealing!
And how completely unacceptable is it in this era of documents getting updated daily, weekly, monthly, that the register of members interests only gets updated once a year, and three months after the end of the year at that???
Shouldn’t it be updated continuously as TDs’ individual circumstances change??

HELLO! From last March

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Aparantly it is not a criminal offence to omit your interests if you are a TD or Senator but it is a criminal offence for local councilors.

i will make very fair offers for these properties when they are confiscated . . . .No more no less . . . .

The beauty of crosswords is that one gets to realize where they went wrong the following day !
I wonder who is fucking Calley? I reckon it is someone fairly close to him ! hell have no fury it seems.

The only person fucking Callely is himself. He signed all the offending documents, & swore them to be accurate.

His mistake was his laziness in not even make a decent attempt at concealing the alleged fraud

I think what richie is getting at is that all there is almost certainly a concerted campaign against Callely right now. Someone knew all this info before, so why are they releasing it now?

He has pissed off a few powerful people. Perhaps even FF ala “quit as a Senator now or else we will continue to release more dirt on you”.

My theory here >>> viewtopic.php?p=414918#p414918

Your right, It is quite normal for organisations to implode rather than explode into disaster,
This is his own people using him as a distraction and drip feeding the Mail dripping.
I think like a crossword this episode is serving as a great distraction and could of been done and dusted in a day and people are upset for obvious reasons , it looks possible that a crime may of been committed by a member of the lower house and if this is allowed to go unnoticed it may encourage members of the Dail (Higher House) to act in a similar manner (engage in criminal activity).Fraud.
Last week two banks stated that they no money next Wednesday will be no3 and in the mean time its media kill and fluting around by all over one s**t head and mobile phones.

The Seanad is the upper house and the dail is the lower house.

You do not do cryptic

This comment is so dyslexic that I thought it must have been OW, but without the typical mysticism.

However, the line about the banks, no money, and next Wednesday caught my eye. Is that something to be concerned about?

Both Anglo and AIB admitted that without state money and a continuation of the guarantee they would be unable to continue. Next week BoI reports.

But sure that’s obvious and not exactly a situation where other European banks find themselves in much healthier condition. Indeed without the ECB measures over the last year or so it could easily have been more than a few banks that went belly up!

Too true and I meant to say it is nothing specific to worry about, Exit 9. You should, however, retain that general feeling of unease…