Callely did not declare seven of his properties to watchdog

Of course they did !

The taxpayer is underwriting a reduced borrowing cost for them, & they only have to pay back this margin once they get profitable again.

If the bank offered you a 2%, ‘Hardship’ reduction on your mortgage, wouldn’t you try to prolong the hardship as long as possible ?

Friend of mine used to rent one of Callely’s in the city centre up to recently. I say ‘Callely’s’ because it was wholly in the wife’s name, but in an admirable display of teamwork, it was Ivor and Ivor alone who dealt with all day-to-day administration. And yes, he tried to screw him out of the deposit.

That really would be an experience though, standing in a city centre one bed with damp issues, arguing with Senator Ivor Callely in a cramped hallway over a tin of paint.

The Travails of Mister Callelly is truly one of the best feel good stories of the last couple of years. Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. Thanks Ivor 8DD

I wonder will this damage Sean Haughey’s chances of keeping his seat…

From the Indo story above:

Seems like we might need a NAMA for Ivor. Paper losses on these properties must be head-spinning.

It’s hard to imagine many people - even successful ones - who have enough equity elsewhere (in property, in cash or in other investments) to cover the losses on 10 properties bought at the height of the bubble.

Why only 3 out of 19??

All I can assume is he only has 3 properties rented out because its a serious offense not to register a rented property with the PRTB,at the very least it prohibits a LL from writing off the interest portion of his mortgage against rental income…puzzling.


aah Ivor- in the eye of his personal shitstorm in September who did I spot only himself - picking up a roll of that spongy kitchen wall paper (great for hiding the damp no doubt) and rummaging in a bargain bin full of cushions in Atlantic Homecare, Coolock.

There must be great solace in being a slumlord.

Seconds out, Round Two !!

Have we not been here before

Wednesday, 29 September 2010
Inexplicable I know, but seems to be done and dusted already.

Reminded of

Shure - tis no wonder the poor man was confused as to where his real home was come Seanad travel expenses time!

Interesting, here’s a second anti Callely article today.
Looks like the knives are back out for Ivor. Usual murky shit. … 17543.html

I wonder at what point this fellow crosses the line and becomes a vexatious litigant…or has that line been crossed already…?

This sort of behaviour from a member of the Oireachtas would in someplace like Egypt have the citizenry gathered outside Ivor`s hall door(s) 8-

Good lord, Paul Gogarty may have done something useful…

Yeah and it exposes a rather farcical situation. Ordinary joe public isn’t good enough to make a complaint to the gardai; it has to be one of the great and the good, i.e. someone with knowledge of the situation and who has been affected by it. To give credit to Mr. Gogarty, once it became clear that was the case he made publicly the complaint, leaving an unwilling gardai hiding behind procedure no choice.

Ivor needn’t worry though, the DPP is sound.

Still nothing has been done about this cunt ! :imp: :imp:

FG should start to test FFs new found commitment to honesty & probity, & nail this bollox to a wall somewhere !

From the Evening Rag

The Gardai would not investigate this last year because the needed the ‘victim’ to make the complaint, in other words they claimed they needed ‘The Nod’ from the Seanad.
The Seanad Committee on Members’ Interests, instead passed this onto SiPO to investigate.
SiPO sent their investigation to the DPP last month, and last week the DPP instructed the Gardai to commence their investigation, after which I presume the will refer their file back to the DPP who will decide whether to charge him.
In our shit effort of a system, that has taken a year, but at least it’s not all over yet. The fucker has no FF shield anymore and we might … might, just live to see him swing.
In the meantime, for a laugh, have a look at his brand new single page website/ CV

Yet another Westminster MP on her way to the clink. If only her parents had stayed in Ireland…

Anyway, I’m leaving the internet. Decided that I have better things to do than attempt to be a witty polemicist to people that I don’t know.

Bye :-GC