Callely got €80,000 mileage from Cork - Indo

So who’s he trying to hang? A sectretary? The long gone company? I assume he has thought this strategy through and he thinks it’ll work.

The strategy is to make some excuse…
Then pay back the mobile phone expense claims…
Then say it was an honest mistake…
Possibly highlight how he is being singled out…
And he will then hang in there… coz if he is as broke as is being suggested (re that development in Clontarf) then he will want to hang in there as long as possible in the senate.
Unless of course some nice little position on some Quango can’t be line up for him to tempt him out of the Senate.

Sorry OW, but I don’t see the chaff here.
Would you prefer that the media did not continue to pursue him, and concentrate on something else instead ?
What exactly ?
Why should he not be pursued ?
Can they not do both ?

I believe OW referred to IC as chaff n was highlighting the fact there is 69 days media focus on this while there is a lot worse going on they aren’t bothered to keep highlighting.
But I may of course be wrong on this :slight_smile:

Yes you are right. There is worse going on. Does that mean we don’t need to learn also of the goings on of the likes of Callely. Does Nama/the banks have to obliterate all else ?
To my mind, if the like of Callely and Co ware not enabled to take ownership of the state for their own gain we would not be where we are. No one in the general population understands what the fuck Peter Mathews is talking about with coupons payable on Nama bonds. they do understand that they paid for Ivor’s forged invoices for phones while they can’t afford their own phone bills.

The tradition of “Alamo” and not “Sword falling” political exits in the kip presents a reliable set piece for the perfect storm in a tea cup. Drag it out? Fuck yea why not! It can take the heat off a lot of already redfaces for the summer. Then when it all explodes again in September/October it will be more shock and awe boloxology and most people will be suffering from extreme rage fatigue once more. This must be the 3rd year running of this pattern of media management.

Yes he should be hounded by the media and public but it should have been resolved in days. Not open ended almost three months later… How long did it take for that minister to resign over the chocolate bar purchase in one of the Scandinavian countries?

See former Finish minister after sending a few dodgy texts he resigns,

or how about this,

I guess as a group of people we are simply very tolerant and our media likewise on our behalf. How thoughful of them. :unamused:

They seem to give these boyo’s a few years of the benefit of doubt, despite what leads they might have on them from day one. Imagine if form on most of these donks was known sooner rather than later.



More from Luke Byrne in the Daily Mail today … z0w0SuOt13

About the phone in the expenses receipts…


Ivor Callely’s ‘service’ to the State has cost the Irish taxpayer more than €4 million in his 21 years as a career politician


Outrage over RTÉ’s reluctance to report the MoS revelations


And there is more about a business consortium

Great comment from Diarmuid Doyle in the Tribune today on Mr. Gogarty’s complaint…

Good call, magoko101. RTE are now reporting that “the expenses have since been paid back”. Yeah, like this week maybe? Frickin’ criminal.

seems like this is all done on solicitor’s advice to avoid court. admit as little as possible, say it was all a mistake and don’t give anyone a reason to go to court to recover the expenses.

So should Ivor “Can’t Count” Callely be added to the hall of fame with Bertie, JOD, WOD who all at one point toward the very last stages of the bitter bitter end roll out the “witch hunt” line, its usually the very last play to crowd.

Its getting more than tedious at this stage, unless, there is indeed some smokey back room where the dark council meets of a friday, to cross off these bold boys and girls from their Christmas Card list. :nin

Twinned with that Swahili bloke from Alex Haley’s novel … Cunta Countay.

One of the things I keep hearing is how Callely must know where the bodies are buried, and that’s why no-one in FF is going after him. I think the reality is simpler; the code of FF is like the mafia; no one says anything, because they know that that would mark the beginning of the end for the party. If Ivor knows anything, he’ll only start talking if it gets to the point where his choice is gaol or spilling the beans !

That’s what any decent solicitor would advise & is also the reason why O’Dea never faced charges.

All this is why I think you’re off the mark OW; I think this is a very important story to keep chasing, because it is the best chance of getting an insider into the dock. The DPP will have a much tougher time not taking a prosecution even based on the information already in the public domain, let alone what is probably waiting yet to be discovered in the expenses of Ivor !

The only problem is that it is perfectly possible for FF to delay the prosecution until after the next GE.

At first I agreed with OW but Fishfoodie does make a compelling point.

I don’t see how this could be so if we look at how Rambo and Lawlor behaved. If anyone knew where the bodies where these two certainly did.

Well I was only referring to the tedium of the uniquely politico paranoia once first sign of the end is sniffed its suddenly a “witch hunt”, it probably isn’t, it is more like a fly once caught in a web the more they twist and turn the more wrapped up in their own lies and transgressions they become.

Callely is fucked there is no question of that. Its the manner of this mini storm in a tea cup and the onerous amount of time it has taken to get to this point. I believe it suits the media management people right down to the ground. It’s the perfect distraction. Once Calelly is sacrificed at the optimum time if they can swing that it will be on to the next douche bag, presuming this annual rinse and repeat formula does not wear thin for reasons beyond their control.

A few weeks stir for contempt is one thing; the thick end of 3 years for fraud is an entirely different one !

And to quote Samuel in Jackie Brown, Ivor, ‘doesn’t have a doin’ time type of disposition !’

Yes, but is he fucked in the Patrick Neary sense of the word (golden handshake, early retirement) or in the Jeffrey Archer sense of the word (4 year jail sentance, 2yrs served)?

Ah no, he is really fucked. The government press office have let it be known that they have abandoned Ivor, they do not care how lurid or salacious the Ivor stories in the papers are any more…and the papers have a few lurid and salacious Ivor stories ready to unleash over the next few weeks if they choose.

If he resigns then Cowen can appoint some FF greaseball in his place, if not then he is independent. Not a problem.

Ivor will make a lot of legal sounding noises for the next week or three and then his lawyers will send him an invoice After that who knows what will happen to him. :slight_smile: If he changes solicitor at any stage then inferences will be made and the stories shall be unleashed .

The missus has been sent back to work too.

Foleys Hair and Wig. Is that where the Donnie gets his me wonders?

How did i miss this?

Read The naked politician by Katie Hannon recently. It had some interesting quips by Ivor in there